A Place To Call Home

When residents come to live at Marion Oaks Assisted Living, they feel they’re at home. Walking in the front door, the atmosphere has the cozy feel of a big house. The hallways are decorated—some areas covered with beautiful murals—and residents mingle with each other in the spacious living room. There is an elegant dining room downstairs with a commercial kitchen attached. Tables are topped with crystal chandeliers, and the feel of the room is matched by the fine dining options offered.

Residents feel free to request certain menu items because their choice matters and Marion Oaks does its best to accommodate them. The residents of Marion Oaks Assisted Living are like family to the caregivers and administrator, as well as family to each other. Everyone knows everyone because of the small, family-like environment of this community.

The two-story building is home to assisted living residents on the first floor, and memory care residents on the secured second floor. There are 12 private rooms downstairs and 15 upstairs. One room on each floor is designated specifically to respite care––short-term care for those who need it while family members are out of town, for example. The room downstairs resembles cozy accommodations like you would find in a Southern luxury home, and the one upstairs has a calm, safe feel and a soft blue hue.

Upstairs in the memory care unit, the walls are covered with fun sensory projects and decor, all of which residents can touch and work with. The dining area is painted to look like a park scene, cheerful and bright, and there’s a gorgeous private dining room for family gatherings, too. Several life-skills stations are set up throughout the open living area. These stations are always accessible to memory care residents to exercise their abilities and skills. Most of the time, caregivers spend one-on-one time with residents at these stations to help them or just spend time with them.

The residents and caregivers are like a close-knit family. One of the best things about Marion Oaks Assisted Living is that there is no time frame for residents’ health care needs. Caregivers devote special one-on-one attention and care to those residents who need it. Along with the excellent medical management, residents have all their needs met all of the time. Amenities and services include laundry, housekeeping, delicious meals, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a beauty salon and exciting activities, including live entertainment.

There is always an open-door policy for families, and residents’ rooms are filled with their own furniture to make them feel truly at home. The philosophy of Marion Oaks Assisted Living is the welcoming and loving place that it is. And that philosophy is always treating residents like their very own family.

Marion Oaks Assisted Living› 3590 SW 137th Loop, Ocala › (352) 307-9400 › marionoaksassistedliving.com

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