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There are 24 hours in a day—unless you’re a mom.  

Between the chauffeur rides to after-school tutoring, dinner preparation and bedtime routine, the one thing a mom seems to neglect on her to-do list is herself. Exercise is the ultimate stress reliever. Unfortunately, most busy moms will tell you there’s little time for spontaneous gym trips. Hey, there’s an app for that! Next time you’re stuck in carline, download these exercise apps for busy moms.



Available on iOS

This app helps new and soon-to-be mommies stay fit during pregnancy and lose weight after the baby arrives. Simply enter your due date and the Mommacise app automatically adjusts workouts that are perfect for your stage of pregnancy. Post pregnancy, Mommacise adjusts your workouts to include baby!

Nike + Training Club


Available on iOS and Android

A mom is everyone’s biggest fan. The Nike + Training Club app features workouts designed and taught by professional athletes and celebrities to personally cheer mom on. Workouts focus on strength, endurance and mobility and offer three levels of difficulty.

Moms into Fitness


Available on iOS & Android

Moms into Fitness will help expecting, new and veteran moms get back into their ideal shape—or help maintain a healthy pregnancy—by tracking progress, calculating weight loss and providing free access to fitness professional Lindsay Brin’s renowned fitness programs.

Johnson and Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App


Available on iOS and Android

This fast and easy-to-use app guides users through the original 7-minute workout, as well as more advanced routines of varying duration and intensity, complete with a series of short videos.

30-Day Fitness Challenge Workout


Available on iOS and Android

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge Workout is equivalent to a month spent at the gym. Use your bodyweight and a few minutes from each day to lose weight effectively. Choose from three 30-day challenges, including abs, butt or full body, plus three difficulty levels, from beginner to pro.

Fit Radio


Available on iOS and Android

Moms just wanna have fun. Fit Radio delivers a wide variety of exercise-oriented playlists designed to make you want to move it, move it. Users can set their target heart rate and choose from several audio-coached workouts. Users can also set intervals, track their distance run and save their favorite playlists.

*Editor’s Note: Talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

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