Bring Joy Into A Child’s World

Foster or adopt this holiday season.

As the holidays draw near, faith and family come into focus. Many people in our community live their lives based on a deeply felt faith: “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). This faith allows them to see possibilities where others perceive only problems. And hundreds of local children hope that loving foster or adoptive parents will step forward in faith and give them a loving home for the new year.

Many children in Marion and Citrus Counties have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect. They need safe foster and adoptive homes where they can be shown a loving way of life they have not seen but have long hoped for. The greatest need is for homes for children ages 9 to 15 and for siblings who pray they will be able to stay together.

Those of us who are a part of the faith community understand the Biblical mandate to care for others, especially children who find themselves in distress. Our faith compels us to love and nurture those who have nothing to give in return. This mandate is not defined by age or life situation. These young people need to know that their lives have meaning and purpose. As one local pastor put it, “Foster parenting and adoption are acts of God’s love to those who have not been loved.”

Like all parenting, fostering and adoption are challenging. But for those who feel called to care for children who have suffered abuse and neglect, the rewards are enormous. Most foster and adoptive parents in Central Florida say that they are living out a spiritual conviction to care for these children. This calling stems from their most deeply held values, life experiences and beliefs. And it enables everyday people to become true heroes for local children and youth.

Ask yourself if you feel called to give the gift of home this holiday season—and make a difference for life.

To learn more, please call Paula Mealy of Kids Central at (352) 387-3487 or visit for more information. Kids Central is the nonprofit lead agency charged with caring for abused, neglected and abandoned children in Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties.

Kids Central, Inc. › 901 Industrial Drive, Suite 200, Wildwood(352)

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