Churchill Dental Gives You Reason To Smile.

(L–R): Gelson Carmago, DDS, Renee Smith, Lynnie Saettele, Kathy Rockwell, Kayleen Quinn, DMD Gelson Carmago, DDS, Renee Smith Gelson Carmago, DDS and Kayleen Quinn, DMD

Sometimes you find what you’ve been looking for by accident — or in Renee Smith’s case, in an emergency.

When one of Renee’s teeth cracked and she needed help in a hurry, Churchill Dental Excellence was the only office she found that would take her immediately.

“I had an emergency with a cracked tooth and found Dr. Camargo through the Yellow Pages,” recalls Renee. “He was the only dentist who could see me right away. My experience with that first emergency visit brought me back again and I’ve been a patient ever since. Every time I’ve gone I’ve had a positive experience. I’ve had a crown fixed, gotten a new crown, had fillings done, and now I’m having my teeth whitened.

“From the very beginning, both on the phone and in person, everyone from the secretary to the assistant to Dr. Camargo himself, was very friendly and warm,” Renee adds. “The atmosphere there is very relaxed. Dr. Camargo always takes the time to talk to you and you never feel rushed. He always explains things ahead of time and as he’s doing them. He is an excellent dentist, but more than that, I appreciate that he really takes time with me. I never feel like just a number.”

Cathy Rockwell couldn’t agree more. Inadequate bonding restorations done in another state left her with chipped and broken teeth. She was also embarrassed about her crooked and stained teeth. Although she wanted to repair the damage and improve her smile, she was frustrated to the point of giving up.

“I just hated the way my mouth looked before” says Cathy. “I had gone through years of this and tried several other dentists, but just didn’t feel comfortable with them. I was almost ready to give up on the cosmetic side of things before I found Dr. Camargo. I felt very comfortable and the staff made me feel at home, but Dr. Camargo was the deciding factor because I really felt that he cared and was honest.

“He didn’t try to push me into anything. Most of the places I talked to previously wanted to do my whole mouth, but Dr. Camargo didn’t try to oversell me. It was just about what I wanted,” Cathy adds. “I had six porcelain veneers placed. It’s a whole new look. You can’t even tell I have crooked teeth.”

Cathy had plenty of questions about her procedure, and appreciated Dr. Camargo’s patience and the fact that he clearly explained things so that she understood what to expect. She felt comfortable enough that she also had him remove her wisdom teeth.

“I had great quality work, but I could also tell he really cared about my comfort and he’s very gentle,” says Cathy. “When I came in to get my veneers placed, the staff was genuinely excited for me. I can honestly say I don’t want to go anywhere else. Even if I moved a couple hours away from Ocala, I would still come back to Dr. Camargo for my dental work because it’s important to me to feel this good about my doctor. I recommend his office to everyone!”

“Dr. Camargo is like an artist. He’s meticulous about everything being as close to perfect as possible,” remarks Lynnie Saettele, who came to Churchill Dental Excellence for upper and lower porcelain veneers to cover teeth which were stained from antibiotics she’d been given as an infant.

“I love my teeth now. They look natural and I get compliments all the time. They’re just a work of art and the price was very reasonable for the procedure. I hate getting shots in the mouth,” admits Lynnie. “This was the first dentist I’ve ever been to where I didn’t feel it! The staff is incredibly pleasant and helpful. My whole experience has been wonderful.”

Such comments are music to the ears of Dr. Gelson Camargo, DDS, and Dr. Kayleen Quinn, DMD, of Churchill Dental Excellence, where they strive to provide considerate care and quality dental work for every patient.

“The patient’s opinion is what really matters,” says Dr. Camargo. “We listen to our patients and care about their concerns. We truly believe in personalized attention. It’s not about what the dentist wants; it’s what the patient wants. I firmly believe that the patient has a choice and always has the final say.”

A perfect example is teeth whitening. Some patients want a bright white smile, while others prefer a more natural shade of white. At Churchill Dental Excellence, the patient’s wishes are most important.

Churchill Dental Excellence utilizes the newest techniques and medical advances in order to offer state-of-the-art dental care. Services include cosmetic dental procedures as well as crowns, implants, sealants, dentures and bridges, extractions, pediatrics, and some dental surgeries. A root canal expert handles all root canal work in the office so patients do not need to be referred elsewhere.

“Many general dentists don’t do extractions, but we can handle most extractions without having to refer them,” notes Dr. Quinn. “Patients feel more comfortable with the fact that we have very few reasons for referrals. They don’t have to go to a new office for specific procedures and can stay here where they already know us and
feel comfortable.”

Of course, routine dental care and cleaning are also an important focus since early detection and prevention can save teeth and avoid bone disease.

Dr. Camargo and Dr. Quinn use the latest technology digital x-rays, which expose patients to 70 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays, and provide extremely accurate computer generated images. They also utilize an Intra-Oral Camera, which allows them to spot potential problems including decay, fracture lines, and oral cancer.

“Many people come to us for cosmetic dentistry procedures,” says Dr. Camargo, “and in many ways this is similar to going to a hair stylist because it’s all about what the individual wants. It’s very important to us to have the latest technology and to do quality work, but it’s even more important that our clients are treated with care and receive personalized attention.

“Our hygienists have many years of experience and our entire staff has worked together as a team for years,” he adds. “They are hired not only for their professionalism, but also because of their caring attitudes. They really have to care about the patients, not just be good at their work.”

Knowledge can definitely help put a patient at ease and educating patients on a personal level is very important to both Dr. Camargo and Dr. Quinn. Once patients understand their dental condition and needs, they are usually much more comfortable with the procedure. It also helps to know what caused a situation so it can be avoided in the future, if at all possible.

“We use the technology we have available to educate our patients in order to help them make the best decision for themselves,” says Dr. Camargo.

“Whenever I see patients, I use their x-rays to help educate them and show them what needs to be done and why,” explains Dr. Quinn. “Sometimes it can be hard to understand without seeing the x-ray. For example, if there’s a fracture line on a tooth and a crown is needed, I sit down with the patient and show them the x-rays and explain what is going on. We don’t just tell a patient what they need. We want to educate them on how the situation occurred and the best treatment options available.”

Dr. Quinn also handles the pediatric patients at Churchill Dental Excellence. She enjoys providing necessary care and helping her young patients learn healthy dental habits from an early age. The office offers a great advantage in that children don’t need to switch to another dentist as they grow older.

Drs. Camargo and Quinn are actively involved in their community, as well as their profession. Dr. Camargo, who was born in Brazil, volunteers with local churches and in other parts of the world, helping the less fortunate. In his free time, he can be found boating, bike touring, traveling, and snow skiing.

Dr. Camargo, who is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, was already practicing dentistry in Brazil when he moved to the United States in 1988. He attended New York University to obtain his U.S. license and in 1992 established Nature Coast Dentistry in Citrus County, which he still maintains, and opened Churchill Dental Excellence in Ocala in 2004.

A Florida native, Dr. Quinn is a graduate of the University Of Florida College Of Dentistry. An avid runner, she is currently training for a half-marathon and remains very involved with Gator athletics. With most of her family living in Gainesville, Dr. Quinn spends much of her free time in “Gator Town.”

Both Drs. Camargo and Quinn are members of the American Dental Association and the Florida Dental Association. Dr. Camargo is also a member of the West Coast Dental Association.

Churchill Dental Excellence and Nature Coast Dentistry are currently accepting new patients of all ages.

Churchill Dental Excellence
430 S.E. 17th Street
Ocala, FL 34471
(352) 732-3425

Nature Coast Dentistry
3835 N. Lecanto Highway
Beverly Hills, FL 34465
(352) 746-3525

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