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Arthur Mowery, D.M.D. Dr. Kim Mowery

Choosing the right dentist to perform your cosmetic work is paramount. In the end you want the most natural looking smile possible. With so many dentists to choose from, how do you choose the right one?

Ocalans knows quality and they especially know good medicine,” says Art Mowery, D.M.D. of Exceptional Dentistry in Gainesville. “Many of our clients from that area tell us they did a lot of research before they chose us for their cosmetic dental work.”

People from all over the United States call Exceptional Dentistry nearly every day asking how to choose a cosmetic dentist in their area. The professionals at Exceptional Dentistry tell them to base their research on training, experience, material, laboratory, and personalized service.

For many Ocalans, Drs. Art and Kim Mowery and their team come out on top in every category, especially in training and experience. The doctors have performed thousands of Aesthetic Dental Rejuvenations in their Gainesville office utilizing only the best materials available today.

Dr. Art Mowery is a clinical instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) and Dr. Kim Mowery is an occasional guest lecturer at the institute. They teach other dentists from all over the world about the latest cosmetic dental procedures and techniques. Both also teach courses at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Together Dr. Art and Dr. Kim Mowery have assembled a team of special people to serve their clients. All take tremendous pride in providing guests with a personal and comfortable dental experience.

Many of their clients confess that they actually look forward to going to the dentist. The office is unlike any other—bright, open, and airy. The raised ceiling is tastefully painted with wispy clouds in a summer sky and upbeat music lightly plays in the background. Some clients even show up early for their appointments intending to spend a little time in the Relaxation Room that features a comfy reclining massage chair, headphones to play music of their choosing, and aromatherapy.

As an added bonus for anxious patients, Exceptional Dentistry offers ‘Sleep Dentistry’ performed by a board certified anesthesiologist. Candidates suffer from high fear, a sensitive gag reflex, difficulty getting numb, or have complex dental problems. It’s just another way the doctors go above and beyond to make you comfortable.


Before                                                After



Before                                                After


No, this is not your average dental office. Each and every patient is treated the same—like a special guest visiting the office.  

If the professionalism and atmosphere aren’t enough to convince you that Exceptional Dentistry is, well, exceptional, another difference in the office is that, unlike many other dental practices, Exceptional Dentistry does not use mercury. The fillings and crowns are metal-free. The doctors feel that this is healthier for their clients and that the end result is much more appealing. You don’t see any of those unsightly gray, black, or silver fillings when you smile or laugh. Another reason to decide against metal is the fact that it expands and contracts with hot and cold foods or beverages, allowing for the possibility of further decay under the fillings. This could lead to the eventual cracking and breaking of teeth years after the dental work has been done. With the dental technology available today, metal is becoming out-dated. Resin fillings are not only healthier, they are virtually undetectable to friends and family.

As mentioned, the doctors’ education, advanced training, and experience are of course, paramount, but clients admit that one of the other big reasons for choosing Exceptional Dentistry is the doctor’s personalities. Many clients call them by their first names… Dr. Art or Dr. Kim. They are indeed very kind people who love what they do. It shows in their work, their office, their team, and how they treat their customers. Dr. Art and Dr. Kim are fun to be around, extremely knowledgeable, and gentle with their touch.

The next time you encounter a fantastic, natural-looking smile in Ocala, give the person sporting that beautiful smile a compliment and ask them “What makes you smile?” Then, watch that smile get even bigger as, the odds are, they will tell you “Drs. Art and Kim Mowery of Exceptional Dentistry.”



Lorriane before                                      Lorraine after


Ben before                                      Ben after

Photo courtesy of Djamel E. Ramoul


Your smile is no place to skimp. You too require excellence.
Doctors Art and Kim Mowery of Exceptional Dentistry have a team
of great people to serve you.

(352) 332-OPAL (6725)

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