From The Editor: A Healthy Battle

I try to lead a healthy life. I work out a few times a week (OK, most weeks); I hit the road on my bike often, usually for 20 or so miles at a time; and I do all my yardwork myself. After all, why should I pay someone to take care of my lawn and then go use my paid gym membership? I figured I’d just cut out the middleman and make my sweat equity work for me — and my bank account.

I even try to eat right (OK, most of the time). At lunch, I usually opt for a salad instead of a steak, water in place of soda, mustard instead of mayo. But there are so many temptations. Cookies are like kryptonite to me — I’m powerless within a 100-foot radius of their pull, like a comet drawn into the orbit of a neighboring star. And your workplace is probably like mine. Just last week, we had donuts and muffins (twice), morning treats by Primary Oven, and bakery items at an afternoon meeting. And they were the always-delicious, Betty Cakes-kind to boot.

Kryptonite, I tell you. Extra strength.

So, instead of winning the Battle of the Bulge, I feel like I’m just keeping it at bay, like a middle-aged Custer trying to keep out the hordes of advancing culinary delights. I just hope that reinforcements arrive soon!

Now, the older I get, the more I realize that living healthy is not some grand gesture. It’s not like a TV reality show where you go through boot camp for a month in an effort to shed the extra pounds. It’s not the New Year’s resolution to join a fancy gym or hire a personal trainer either. No, if this battle is to be won, it’s going to happen by hand-to-hand combat, one Betty Cakes treat at a time.

Living a healthy life is all about the little choices. It’s about declining the second cookie — or the first; it’s about staying on the bike for an extra 15 minutes when all you really want to do is take a nap on the sofa; it’s about putting an extra five pounds on the weight machine when you really want to take the same amount off. But most importantly, a healthy life begins by taking everything we read and hear and putting those facts into practice in our daily lives.

In assembling this, the third issue of Ocala Style Health, our staff tried to do just that for you. Our editors and writers have culled some great health tips, profiled some courageous local citizens, and offered more than a few really good examples of a healthy lifestyle.

Now, let’s just put all this information into practice and start making a difference in our everyday lives.

One tempting cookie at a time.

All my best,

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