From The Editor: The Lesson Of The Easy-To-Use Pill Sorter

My wife asked me if I wanted a pill sorter a while ago. You know the kind I’m talking about—“Sunday” through “Saturday” spelled out in big letters, with a generous space in each slot for all the prescriptions you need to take each day.

I didn’t know what my hesitation was about at first, but then I figured it out. The Easy-To-Use Pill Sorter seemed like something my grandmother would’ve needed. And, even though I just turned the Big 4-0 and loved my grandmother with all my heart, I didn’t want to feel like her. I also didn’t want to think that my AARP application might be already in the mail.

Besides, it’s not like I have anything major to take—just a few vitamins and a low-dose aspirin. I could keep that straight, right?


After forgetting to take my regimen a few times within one month, I decided to give the Easy-To-Use Pill Sorter a try. I looked at it with trepidation, fearing that an addiction to Matlock reruns and an untapped skill at shuffleboard would surely emerge like friends hiding in the shadows at a surprise birthday party.

To counter the impending threat of oldtimerness, I put the loudest music I could think of on the stereo. Yeah, a little Led Zeppelin would do the trick—till I remembered that they were last seen peddling Cadillacs, an automobile that was hip back when black-and-white television was “newfangled.” I decided Foo Fighters would work better. They haven’t endorsed Viagra—yet.

But, you know what? Nothing changed. The earth didn’t collapse; my TV didn’t automatically tune to a Golden Girls episode; and I didn’t call anyone a “whippersnapper.” I just haven’t forgotten to take my daily vitamins since.

So what does this meandering story have to do with the issue of Ocala Style Health you hold in your hands? Bear with me on this and I’ll explain.

I was thumbing through some back issues and I found myself pulled in by the content—as a reader, not as an editor—things I hadn’t noticed before. And I think that’s the beauty of creating a local health publication—that it can offer different things to different people at different times.

That’s quite a contrast from Ocala Style, our monthly lifestyle magazine. Its mission is to appeal to the largest possible audience in the span of a mere 30 days. Ocala Style Health comes out just twice a year and is designed to linger as readers make doctor appointments, get their regular cleanings, and visit loved ones in the hospitals.

I hope this issue is one that’ll you feel drawn back to time and time again. I hope the articles provide tips, offer insights, and inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Even if that means getting an Easy-To-Use Pill Sorter.

All my best,


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