Life Care Center of Ocala: Making a Good Man Great

Life Care Center of Ocala is known for providing superior inpatient nursing and rehabilitation services that promote optimal health for patients following an acute illness or planned procedure.

“Our goal is to be stellar,” says Desiree Holder, Nurse, Director of Business Development. “We want to provide a recovery experience that is patient-centered, progressive, that supersedes expectations and offers a healing touch along the way.”

A Place for Recovery

In August 2016, 10 months following knee surgery, Robert Dinkins of Dinkins Realty was admitted to a local hospital for severe pain throughout his body. His initial thought was that his body would heal itself. He would soon learn, though, that he had become septic over time and couldn’t fight the infection alone. The doctors in the emergency room estimated that his infection was life threatening.

“I was told by the doctors, after many tests, that I had a severe septic bacterial infection and that it had been there for a while,” says Bobby.

Bobby spent three months in the hospital, underwent two surgeries and required a lung procedure. The next step in his recovery was rehabilitation. Unsure of where he would go, he surveyed many people and asked for the best rehab facility in town.

“Everyone I spoke to said Life Care was the best place,” he says.

Bobby was accommodated with a spacious and well-appointed recovery suite during his stay. His therapists worked with him daily on state-of-the-art equipment and utilized different modalities to aid in his recovery. Life Care’s interdisciplinary team of clinicians guided and encouraged him until his goals became a reality.

“It was the professionalism and quality of the entire staff that was most impactful,” says Bobby. “The nurses smiled and genuinely cared for patients with love and affection.”

Bobby feels 100 percent better. Because his immune system was practically destroyed from the septic bacterial infection, he follows a disciplined, healthy diet filled with yogurt and probiotics, coconut water and coconut milk, oatmeal, berries, kiefer and alkaline water. And while he believes that Life Care Center of Ocala is a place that provides top-notch care, he attributes his recovery to many prayers and God’s will. One of his favorite Bible verses, Philippians 4:13, proclaims “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

Bobby wishes to share a very heartfelt and sincere expression of gratitude to the team at Life Care!

Life Care Center of Ocala › 2800 SW 41st St., Ocala › (352) 873-7570 ›

Medicare, workers compensation & most insurances accepted.

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