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Independent living comes in many forms. And at Hawthorne Village of Ocala, they cater to them all. Whether you need assistance to stay independent or just want to live an active lifestyle worry-free, Hawthorne’s got you covered. In fact, it’s been found that staying physically and socially active as you age helps you live a longer and healthier life. Eliminate the stress of keeping up a home, and you may discover retirement years are the best of your life.

The Hawthorne Village community has four different facets that make it ideal for anyone 55 or older: Hawthorne Estates Retirement Apartments, Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living, Garden Court Special Care Facility and Bounce Back Rehabilitation Services. The Estates offer maintenance-free living, Hawthorne Inn assists residents so they can maintain their independence longer, Garden Court offers specialized memory care and Bounce Back provides rehabilitation programs and professional medical care to all tenants and residents.

“Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living helps individuals maintain their independence longer,” says Christy Edwards, Hawthorne Village’s director of marketing. “Garden Court Memory Care offers round-the-clock care so it’s a safe, secure environment.”

If you’re looking to retire and maintain an active lifestyle without the hassle of home maintenance or worrying about bills, Hawthorne Estates is the place to be. Hawthorne’s Bounce Back program offers medical, rehabilitation and therapy services for all tenants. If any medical concerns do arise, tenants always have access to health care offered right in the community. If a tenant gets injured or encounters any other health need, they are given priority over non-tenants to receive the medical attention needed.

“You know, it really gives them peace of mind to plan for their future,” says Edwards. “Tenants living in the Estates are able to have an active, vibrant lifestyle.”

On staff at Hawthorne there’s a medical director, local physicians, a registered nurse available 24/7, a licensed practical nurse, a full-time dietician, a registered nurse certified in wound care, a social worker and caseworker, along with physical, occupational and speech therapists. Inpatient and outpatient therapy services are provided, and all medical staff are employees of Hawthorne–Hawthorne does not employ any outside therapy services or companies. That way, tenants always have access to the care they need within their own community.

“As people age, their health care needs change,” says Edwards. “We have an expert team of clinicians in Bounce Back.”

Hawthorne Estates tenants pay one affordable monthly rental fee, with all utilities included except phone services, and there are no endowment fees. They have the freedom to maintain their lifestyle without having to deal with the upkeep of a home.

“Everything’s done for them so they can enjoy an active lifestyle,” says Edwards.

That includes lawn care, meals, transportation, housekeeping, satellite or cable TV, a beauty salon and barber shop, membership to AJ’s Fitness Center, paid utilities and a safe environment. And back to the meals: they’re chef-prepared with several entrée and side options.

“The chef prepares fresh food every day,” says Edwards. “This also helps with their nutrition and overall health.”

Tenants enjoy membership to AJ’s Fitness Center with HUR air-resistant equipment, Biodex trainers and aquatic therapy available. There’s also an exercise physiologist on staff who works with tenants to make a customized plan for their wellness journey.

“We have all state-of-the-art equipment in our gym,” says Edwards. “HUR equipment uses air resistance to overcome the initial resistance required to lift static weight. So it specifically works the muscles.”

At the Estates, socializing is a priority. The Estates manager and concierge see to it that there are always events, trips, tours and activities available to tenants. It’s all part of a life-enrichment program which includes things like chair yoga; happy hour on Fridays; outings to the Appleton Museum of Art, the Ocala Civic Theatre and area wineries; cooking demonstrations; and monthly family nights. Additionally, there’s a wide variety of amenities tenants can take advantage of including a free laundry facility, scheduled transportation, lounge, library, coffee and social nook, media room and beautifully landscaped courtyards

“[Tenants] can spend the rest of their life at Hawthorne Village,” says Edwards. “You know, this would be their final move—their needs would all be met in our community.”

And that’s what makes Hawthorne Villages the ideal spot for retirement. Downsizing can be hard, so moving multiple times is not ideal. But Hawthorne has several different apartment floorplans to choose from, affordable rent on a month-to-month basis, housekeeping, a safe and comfortable environment, fresh meals daily, a sense of community, activities and access to excellent health care.

For a simplified life, consider the ease of living at Hawthorne Village of Ocala.

Hawthorne Village of Ocala › 4100 SW 33rd Ave., Ocala › › (352) 237-7776, ext. 255

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