Mind Your Manners

Today, nearly nine in 10 American adults own a mobile phone of some sort. The most basic cell phone has the ability to text, call, connect to the internet and instantly capture photos and record videos. They also tend to bring out some not-so-stellar behavior in people. Fortunately, if we exercise proper mobile phone manners and etiquette, the pros just may outweigh the cons.

Don’t text or talk and drive

Many states have laws in place regarding texting and talking on the phone while driving. Your focus should be on the road. This rule should be No. 1 on everyone’s list. If you absolutely have to text, pull over first.

Put your phone away at the dinner table

If the call is urgent, and you must answer, excuse yourself as quietly as possible from the table with a sincere apology. If the call is not urgent, let your voicemail do its job.

Out of sight, out of mind

Keep your phone out of sight when attending important business meetings or in casual settings with friends and family. Holding onto your phone sends the wrong message that the people you are with are not your No. 1 priority.

End phone conversations when paying for purchases

If a cashier is helping you, promptly end your phone call. Take time and ask the employee how their day is going or if they have any fun plans for the weekend.

Don’t shout when talking on the phone

If the person on the other end of the call is having trouble hearing you, simply call them back later. Those around you will thank you.

Don’t use your phone as a crutch

Do not depend on your cell phone in what may feel like an uncomfortable social event, such as a wedding reception where you don’t know many people or a dinner party with new friends. Practice improving your face-to-face interactions by turning your cell phone off or by leaving it in the car.

Respond promptly

When you miss a call, text or email, respond in a timely manner by apologizing for missing the message.

Silence your cell phone

It’s polite and responsible to turn off your cell phone before meetings, meals and special events. If you can’t turn your device off, turn it to silent or vibrate.

Sources: rd.com, protocolww.com
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