New Generation Growth Hormone Therapies: What Are They?

The term “human growth hormone” has had a negative connotation in the past. The old generation of human growth hormone therapies is, indeed, not the healthiest thing for the body. Treatments usually required injections of a large dose that had side effects.

The new generation of growth hormone therapies is more advanced, more targeted and extraordinarily safer. You can have the benefits of growth hormone and minimal side effects.

Growth Hormone Levels Decline During Your 30s

Human growth hormone levels usually peak while in your 20s but noticeably decline as people age into their mid-30s. 

Symptoms of growth hormone deficiency are a loss of strength, taking longer to heal, thinning skin, fat around the waist, a decline in cognitive function, restlessness, fatigue and more.

Safe & Effective Treatments To Increase Growth Hormone Levels

Larry Siegel, ARNP, of Yunique Medical, describing the new generation of growth hormone therapies, says, “These cutting-edge treatments can help anyone with a deficiency combat these symptoms and regain their quality of life.” 

Even those who would like an extra “boost” in their daily lives for professional performance can benefit from the new growth hormone therapies.

Siegel explains that new generation therapies are extremely tolerated and safe protein-based therapeutics—AKA biologics. The biologics Siegel uses for growth hormone modulation are peptide hormones that work with the body to release growth hormone. The releasing agents activate the production in the pituitary gland. Growth hormones then stimulate the growth of all tissues of the body.

Benefits of safe growth hormone therapies are increased energy and focus, enhanced sex drive, improved bone density, muscle tone, lower body fat, fewer wrinkles, decreased joint and muscle pain, and more.

Anti-Aging, Hormone Optimization & Peptide Therapy

Peptides have many functions in the body, some act as neurotransmitters, others function like hormones. The medical community is beginning to further understand that hormone replacement therapy—like bio-identical hormone pellets—is really successful when combined with peptide therapy. 

How To Get A New Generation Growth Hormone Treatment & Other Advanced Therapies

Siegel points out the medical tradition he follows does not use the one-size-fits-all approach. 

“I describe my medical practice as an integrative medicine clinic,” he explains, “which requires empathy and science. Before I administer a therapy, I require extensive diagnostic labs while listening to the patient to piece together the puzzle.” 

Siegel has seen over 1,500 patients for his personalized therapies. He considers conducting these therapies as an art and is meticulous about his craft.

“I am constantly seeking out the world’s best physicians, chemists and researchers to deepen my understanding of this medicine,” he says. “I absolutely love what I do.”  

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