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In the midst of an economic slowdown, why are thousands of seniors continuing to flock to The Villages? The answer is simple—lifestyle. With 70,000 residents, 441 holes of golf, 53 recreation centers, 58 swimming pools, tennis, pickleball, softball, and over 1,300 resident clubs and organizations, Villagers are shattering senior stereotypes throughout “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.”

But living a “life-to-the-fullest” lifestyle requires the support of a large and multi-faceted healthcare system. With over 5,000 new residents moving in each year, the need for exceptional healthcare continues to expand and The Villages offers great opportunities for healthcare providers committed to serving a growing market.

Angie Lester, a representative for Crossman & Company, which serves as the official commercial real estate broker for The Villages, specializes in matching excellent healthcare professionals with these excit-ing opportunities.

Villagers use their golf carts for nearly everything. Whether going to one of the eight grocery stores scattered throughout The Villages, dining out, attending a stage show, going to the movies, or visiting the hair salon, dentist, bank, or fitness center, The Villages and golf cart convenience go hand in hand. Only The Villages can place your practice in a location that is golf-cart accessible.

With a clear commitment to health and wellness, The Villages is already home to The Villages Regional Hospital and the Freedom Pointe assisted living complex (currently under construction and on schedule to open in 2009). The onsite VA Clinic began construction in June and the Promise Healthcare Company will begin construction this fall on its 56,000-square-foot, long-term acute care hospital. 

Yet with all of these offerings, there remains a great demand for quality healthcare professionals and specialists in numerous fields. The Villages is booming, and its current population of 70,000 residents will only continue to grow. Soon, there will be 100,000 residents living within The Villages. Additionally, growth throughout the surrounding areas will add additional opportunity for businesses to grow.

Healthcare providers in The Villages enjoy the beauty, convenience, and hospitality of this award-winning, master-designed community. Among the most desirable benefits, providers and their staffs are eligible to enroll their pre-K through 12th-grade students in the A-rated Villages Charter School system. Preferentially ranked near the top of Florida’s schools, this outstanding educational program is an important benefit to many who work in The Villages and can be an outstanding tool for any business or practice re-cruiting top-notch staff.

Another attractive feature of serving the residents of The Villages is the close proximity of desirable, family-friendly residential neighborhoods. Bison Valley is conveniently located only one block from the char-ter school campus.

A great place to work, a great place to live, and a great place to grow and serve, The Villages contin-ues to be an “oasis of opportunity,” even when other areas are experiencing slowdowns. As a matter of fact, on average, 14 new residents move to The Villages every day—ready to enjoy their new retirement lifestyle and the excellent health care that is critical to sustaining that lifestyle. The Villages is committed to connecting its residents with the best trained and most dedicated healthcare professionals so Villagers can truly enjoy the “best of their life.”

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