Practical Packing 

Packing for winter travel can be stressful. Bulky coats, boots and snow apparel can mean a lot of suitcases and hefty airline baggage fees. Pack smarter with these tips. 

When packing for a wintertime vacation, suitcase space often fills up fast. Instead of packing less, it only takes a few tips and tricks to pack more efficiently, leaving no pants behind or gloves unaccounted for.

Decide what not to pack. The first step is to pick out some of your heaviest and bulkiest pieces, like tall boots, and see whether you can carry them outside of your suitcase. The best strategy is to layer pieces on your body and carry a large coat. If flying, this reduces the weight of your suitcases and can provide some added comfort for the plane ride.

Invest in a quality suitcase. A proper suitcase is sturdy and performs well. The wheels are smooth and easy to navigate, and the casing is protective. We recommend a model like the DELSEY COMÈTE 2.0. Its durable exterior resists scratches, while its interior can be expanded for even more storage. The handles ensure a comfortable grip for easy mobility. DELSEY knows luggage. A French company since 1946, many swear by its baggage, which promises a sleek design that won’t break the bank.Try this one: DELSEY COMÈTE 2.0 28 inch, $129

Use organizers. You should always choose what to bring strategically, by narrowing down pieces that can be mixed and matched and minimizing your pairs of pants. If everything you’re packing is a must-bring item, though, the solution may be to buy space-saving bags. These air-tight plastic baggies are sealed with a vacuum and the ultimate method to maximize space.

Roll, don’t fold. Rolling your clothes up rather than folding them is a simple hack that makes all the difference. Tightly rolled clothing can be stacked, squeezed and sorted easily. Some people swear by securing rubber bands around the clothing to further free up room in the bag.

Tuck away. Stuff mittens and socks in shoes. Making use of every inch will save space for last minute additions and leave wiggle-room if items need to be rearranged. If taking home souvenirs or bringing home fragile items, use scarves and soft fabrics as a protective cushioning.


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