Primary Care With An Integrative Twist

Patient Centered Healthcare & Wellness takes a compassionate, integrative approach.

Dr. Cindy Grow ARNP, DNP, owner and founder of Patient Centered Healthcare & Wellness, is the architect behind this twist on primary care. Not only does her practice make quality health care accessible to everyone, but it takes a personal approach. Cindy believes in developing relationships with patients and developing a proactive treatment plan over a reactive one. With primary care and a holistic focus, Cindy has brought the best of both traditional and integrative medicine to her private practice.

“I really believe health care needs to be personalized for each patient. There is no one size fits all when it comes to a person’s health and wellness,” Cindy says.

Cindy met her partner Georgia Gonzalez, MSN, ARNP several years ago. They both share a love of helping others, enjoy the investigative aspect of ailments and chronic disease management and guide patients in learning to take control of their health. Shortly after, Georgia joined her team, and they developed memberships to provide comprehensive and affordable health care.

“We’ve always both had a passion for finding out the why,” Georgia says. They assess each patient’s risk for disease and look for the root cause of illness, rather than just treating symptoms.

Membership Benefits

PCH Wellness now offers membership options for individuals, couples and families, whether insured or uninsured. They also offer self-pay visits for non-members, but the benefits of membership cater to those with high-deductibles or no insurance coverage.

Because the price of insurance can be high for the services many patients seek, PCH Wellness offers an affordable and comprehensive alternative to meet your health care needs.

PCH Wellness offers everything from primary care services, weight loss management and aesthetic services to family planning, men’s and women’s health care, health coaching and chronic disease prevention and management. If a patient needs something ordered outside of the practice, PCH Wellness offers wholesale pricing on labs and diagnostic services ordered. This includes imaging services and labs outside of the routine wellness panels offered in the membership.

How do they do it? They keep a low overhead and manage the practice efficiently to ensure they can spend quality time with each patient.

“Our practice is very patient centered, and our patients will always get the time they need at the office,” Cindy says. “They’re not going to come to the office and feel rushed. We believe in taking all the time required to fully assess each patient.” Cindy and Georgia find ways to help their patients meet their health goals and maximize their wellness.

For members, all primary care services are provided—including exams, physicals, wellness exams, follow-up appointments, sick visits, referrals, labs, diagnostic testing and imaging procedures—along with access to virtual visits through their online portal. Non-members enjoy the same quality care on a self-pay basis, and patients do not need to be insured to become members.

An Integrative Approach

As nurse practitioners, Cindy and Georgia offer the same quality care physicians do but with an integrative twist. The training for nurses is different than physician training. Cindy and Georgia are focused on mind, body and spirit wellness. This means identifying a patient’s genetic risk and helping them adopt lifestyle changes, as well as develop a treatment plan that focuses on prevention and management of chronic disease.

“Integrative is really where we’re just taking a combination of conventional medicine practices with alternative therapies and personalize a plan of care for the patient,” Cindy explains.

Whether you have insurance or not, PCHWellness is the primary care practice for you and your family. Moreover, the primary care membership options, which are free from insurance constraints, provide the health care value you deserve. PCH Wellness provides comprehensive, quality care to meet the needs of families, with a compassionate patient focus.

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