Promotional Feature: Corrective Wellness Doctors Finally Arrive In Ocala

Just past the row of colorful, waving flags, a brand-new sign reads “Now Welcoming New Families.” The greeting isn’t what most patients would expect at a state-of-the-art chiropractic office—“new patients” is more familiar—but then almost everything about Chiropractic USA is different from other doctor offices. The franchise’s national developer, Dr. Renny Edelson, D.C., has long understood that true wellness is a lifelong endeavor and one that families can enjoy achieving together.

“What makes us unique is we are a corrective care office,” he says. “If somebody comes in with a pinched nerve, we don’t say, ‘We’re going to make you feel better, and when you’re better, you’re gone.’ That’s not chiropractic. That’s Band-Aid. Ours is lifelong wellness care, or as long as you want to be well.”

That care begins and ends with properly correcting and then maintaining the body’s nervous system. Comprised of the brain and spinal column, the nervous system regulates and controls the immune system and all the vital systems down to every single cell in the human body. When there is abnormal posture and alignment of the spine, dangerous pressure, or subluxation, on the nervous system occurs, which leads to the body’s inability to perform optimally and eventually pain. Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to detect and alleviate subluxations to restore natural processes.

Inside the newly opened office in Jasmine Square on 60th Avenue, the difference between Chiropractic USA and other clinics is evident. The ‘adjustorium,’ a large, open room, features low-tech stretching and traction equipment to help realign spinal deviations and remove dangerous pressure. As much an educational facility as a healing one, the office features flat-screen TVs on every wall which play informational videos for patients. In the adjustment area—which is designed to accommodate whole families when necessary—patients enjoy the full benefits of a paperless medical office. State-of-the-art digital X-rays, medical history, and notes are pulled up on touch-screen computers, right at the chiropractor’s fingertips and for the patient to review at a moment’s notice. Chiropractic USA is always mindful of patients’ time.

The discovery room (exam room) at Chiropractic USA is second to none, with cutting-edge technology that allows the team to gather important, detailed information about a patient’s problem and monitor progress throughout the course of care.

“It’s all here: digital posture analysis, surface electromyography or sEMG, and digital range of motion. We can show and document the subluxated areas, restriction in flexibility and range of motion, and abnormal spinal curvatures,” Dr. Edelson says. “Everything is computerized and state-of-the-art.

“Your spine and posture are the windows to your nervous system,” he adds. “We need to take care of them and maintain them on a regular basis.”

The Jasmine Square office is run by a friendly staff of experts dedicated to achieving long-lasting wellness for every patient. Dr. Nathan Cox, D.C., a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate, leads the new office along with Head Chiropractic Technician Jay Vargas, a licensed massage therapist, and Chiropractic Assistants Tracy Green and Rachel Peavy. The team is committed to exceeding all of your expectations and delivering extraordinary customer service.

 “Like Dr. Plante and Dr. Chen at our Laurel Run office, Dr. Cox represents the best of the best coming out of chiropractic colleges today,” Dr. Edelson says. “I choose the cream of the crop of the graduating students to be the main doctors in all of the Chiropractic USA offices.”

Young and old, new and returning, Chiropractic USA strives not only to make every patient feel better and lead a higher quality life, but also to educate patients so they can understand how their bodies function.

“Our job is to teach people the truth about how the body works, how people get sick, how they get better, and where the cause of the problem is located,” Dr. Edelson adds. “Do Band-Aids heal? Do drugs heal? No. Your own body heals, and that’s where corrective chiropractic care comes in.”

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