Purses With A Purpose

If you’re in the market for a new bag, we have just the one for you. Ethically made and created with love and a purpose in mind, Livin’ the MAD Life’s line of bags show that meaningful bags can and should be accessible to all.

The women behind Livin’ the MAD Life are a mother-daughter duo who have intertwined their passion for sustainability and women’s rights with a brand that stands for compassion and stylish accessories. Mother and founder Megan Duncanson is the artist responsible for the lively, intricate designs painted on the bags, while co-founder Aroon Duncanson works to market and showcase the purses.

Megan’s love and knowledge for the empowerment of women and Aroon’s interest in a sustainable fashion brand mean that these purses are special. Their design is unique in that the bags are entirely vegan and cruelty free, meaning they are not made from animal products or by-products such as reptile skin, wool, fur or animal hides. Much of the world’s pollution is due to the fast-growing fashion industry, in which garments are mass-produced with little regard for the labor conditions or factory effects on the environment. Consumers soon discard the clothing pieces and move on to the next trend, and the cycle continues.

A portion of the proceeds from Livin’ the MAD Life benefit two charities that were handpicked by the creators, so consumers’ support goes beyond just profits to a company. Check out some of our favorites. To see even more, visit livinthemadlife.com. 

“MAD Symbols” White Travel Bag, $300

These symbols, freedom and the idea that true love comes from within, serve as messages of positive affirmation with every look at the pattern.

“Aqua Burn” Pleather Tote Bag, $250

The “Aqua Burn” design is an original art piece with sturdy hardware and a comfortable strap.

The tote has plenty of storage and easy-access slip pockets. Although the bag is finished with a sealant once the artist has finished painting, remember to handle with care.

“Power and Strength” Canvas Tote, $325

Inspired by the life and spirit of legendary female Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, this purse is conveniently constructed with easy-to-reach pockets and adorned with MAD symbols of power and strength.

 “Summer Citrus” Classic Handbag, $250

Part of the brand’s Miami Summer Collection, this handbag is vibrant, fresh and beautifully illustrated. Quality pleather meets a classic silhouette for a large capacity, everyday must-have addition to your outfit and routine.

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