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Tenants of The Estates of Hawthorne Village of Ocala enjoy independent living on their own terms.

For an energetic, independent person like Jetta Hanover, 92, living in her own house was something she’d done for years. But after she’d had a few falls, her daughter, Gigi, was concerned about her living alone.

“She found this place, and I couldn’t ask for anything better,” says Jetta, who moved into The Estates in January 2018.

Originally from Maine, Jetta has lived in Florida since the 1950s and has been in Ocala for about a year. Gigi is her youngest of five children and also lives in Ocala.

Jetta’s one-bedroom, ground-floor apartment home is comfortably furnished with pieces that have special meaning for her, including her father’s wingback chair and another chair that belonged to her mother. A tall curio cabinet is filled with family crystal and cherished mementos.

An avid crafter who regularly sold her wares at craft shows, Jetta continues to stay busy working on various creative projects. Although she doesn’t have the upkeep of a large yard any longer, she enjoys her plants and has a great variety of them in a container garden on her beautiful screen-enclosed patio.

“When I moved here, I realized I was ready for what they offered and to have people around me,” remarks Jetta. “They have empathy for older people; they’ll listen to you, and I appreciate that. All I can tell you is, whoever lives here is lucky. There’s a whole calendar of activities, so if you’re not busy, it’s your own fault.”

Jetta loves being able to have lunch and dinner in the Estates’ dining room every day. 

“I’m spoiled,” she laughs. “Why would I want to cook anymore? The food is so fresh, and the desserts are sinful!

“I thank God every day that my daughter found this place. It’s the best thing she ever did for me,” says Jetta. “She doesn’t worry about me anymore.”

No Homeowner Worries

For most people, there comes a time when they want to relax and just enjoy life without the time, effort and financial responsibility of maintaining a house and property.

“We had a three-bedroom house on an acre in Dunnellon where we’d lived for 31 years,” says Phil Hapgood, 86, a 22-year Air Force veteran.

Phil and his wife, Carol, 83, who have been married for 61 years, both felt it was time to downsize. 

“It was time to move into Ocala and get closer to doctors and hospitals,” notes Phil. “We moved when we could and wanted to rather than waiting until we had to.”

After visiting a number of apartment complexes and independent living communities, they chose Hawthorne Village of Ocala and moved into The Estates last November. They particularly liked the fact that it offers a complete array of care: independent living, assisted living and full care, if and when it should be needed.

Because Carol’s on oxygen full time, during Hurricane Irma last year, the Hapgoods had to go to a shelter to be sure there was power. Knowing that Hawthorne Village has its own generator has brought them both peace of mind. 

“We won’t ever have to move again, and if something happens to either one of us, we’re already settled,” says Carol. “To me it’s like going back to our years in the Air Force when you lived on base and had people around; it feels like going home. We really like the people who live and work here. Everybody’s friendly.”

Although the Hapgoods still have their own car, they’ve also taken the Hawthorne shuttle to various activities around town.

“We’ve always stayed pretty busy, and we still are,” says Phil, who continues to golf once a week. Both Phil and Carol enjoy the various activity options and especially like the on-site community educational programs that focus on health topics.

The Hapgoods have three sons, four grandchildren, one great-grandchild and another on the way. 

“We see our two sons who live in Ocala and their families at least once a week,” says Carol. “Our kids like the safety of us being here.”

Phil says the biggest benefits are peace and quiet, comfort and safety—and not having to worry about being a homeowner anymore.

All-Inclusive, Worry-Free Living

Hawthorne Village of Ocala is a not-for-profit, full-service retirement community, conveniently located near Paddock Mall, major health care providers and a variety of cultural and historical venues. The Estates of Hawthorne Village offers exquisite apartment homes for the independent retiree who seeks an active lifestyle with an all-inclusive monthly rent. Worry-free and maintenance-free living awaits you at The Estates, as weekly housekeeping and linen service, two restaurant-style meals per day, transportation to medical appointments and scheduled life-enrichment activities are just a sampling of what is available to tenants. The Inn at Hawthorne Village of Ocala is a lovely, home-like setting for individuals who need assistance with daily self-care in a supportive and attractive environment.

As part of a full-service retirement community, Hawthorne Village of Ocala provides a full spectrum of care to meet all your health care needs, including a state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient Bounce Back Rehab and skilled nursing—all of this, on one beautifully manicured and easily accessible campus.   

For More Information about The Estates:

Hawthorne Village of Ocala
4100 SW 33rd Ave., Ocala

(352) 237-7776, ext. 255

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