Superior Cardiac Rehabilitation At Life Care Center

Located in Ocala, Life Care Center has been providing top-tier rehabilitation care for patients in the community for 15 years. They often work with those recovering from cardiac incidents such as bypass, pacemaker surgery or heart failure. They provide innumerable services, but cardiac rehabilitation is their specialty.

“We were the first rehab center in the United States to monitor cardiac patients; we’ve been doing it for five years,” says Dr. Segismundo Pares, one of Life Care Center’s on-site physician, of their post-acute telemetry monitoring. “In little Ocala, we were the only rehab nursing home with cardiac monitors in the United States,” he says. Life Care Center is still the only facility in the region with this program. Dr. Robert Kitos has been the medical director of Life Care Center Ocala for approximately 10 years and a highly esteemed community physician with the IPC Inc. group.

When patients arrive following treatment at the hospital, the attending physicians collaborate with their cardiologist to continue monitoring the heart. Next, patients are fitted with halter monitors and carry phones with EKG capabilities. Results are transmitted to a third party company—they call Life Care Center ASAP to report any issues with a patient’s readings, such as irregularities in speed or rhythm. This provides an unparalleled feeling of security for both patient and physician.

Monitoring continues for approximately 10 days, when 90 percent of issues following a procedure will arise. Life Care Center’s monitoring system allows their experts to push patients a little further, helping them get home healthier, sooner.

Rehabilitation for these patients includes cardiac-specific diet education and exercise regimens designed for each patient’s needs.

A typical day consists of two sessions of therapy—the ultimate goal is getting patients to an hour and a half of exercise twice daily. They work their way up gradually while being closely monitored and having their vital signs taken. Successful rehabilitation usually takes about two weeks, plus or minus a week depending on the individual. Whatever their circumstance, patients are always encouraged to achieve as much as possible during their time at Life Care Center.

The first session is all lower body exercises: walking, balance, weights, bends and treadmill time. The second involves occupational therapy, doing the activities necessary to manage at home, like cooking, showering, dressing, bathing and self-care. The therapy gym has its very own unique home simulation apartment complete with kitchen, laundry facilities, bedroom and bathroom.

It’s not just the physicians on staff who have some expertise. Nurses go through 65 credits of supplemental training, in-services and online courses to equip them for specialized cardiac rehabilitation. Director of Nursing Adele Anahory leads her staff using years of experience and a commitment to quality and service excellence. At Life Care Center, patient care is a team effort. With patients coming from the hospital, they need to have people who understand exactly what’s going on and can provide help.

For the clinical team at Life Care Center of Ocala, an important aspect of regaining health for their patients is lifestyle change and instilling confidence.

Life Care Center of Ocala is excited to celebrate the five-year anniversary of their wonderful cardiac program, the only one of its kind anywhere in the region. This year, they will host an informative health talk series free to the public as a community health resource. Life Care Center would also like to encourage prospective rehab candidates and their families to stop by anytime to ask questions or take a facility tour.

Life Care Center of Ocala

In-house, full-time physician

Experienced, trained clinical team

Cardiac monitoring capabilities

AlterG zero gravity rehabilitation equipment

Home training simulation apartment

JCAHO accredited

AHCA Silver Quality Award recipients

Life Care Center of Ocala › 2800 SW 41st St., Ocala › (352) 873-7570 › Fax: (352) 873-7112 ›

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