Test Lab: Dermasuction

Do you ever see trendy foods, beauty techniques or odd products and think “now that I have to try?” In this month’s Test Lab, I’m putting myself at risk for face hickeys using the Dermasuction.

The Claims

According to its website, Dermasuction is a (rather suggestively shaped) handheld face vacuum intended to remove blackheads without squeezing and scratching at skin. It comes with four attachments: a large one for maximum suction, an angled one for nooks around the nose, a rough one to exfoliate as you go and a small one that seemingly serves no purpose. It is available on Dermasuction.com and, like all things, on Amazon.

The Experiment

For starters, I showered immediately before using the Dermasuction so the steam could open my pores and prepare them to let go of whatever lurks inside. I started with the large attachment because I’m not here to play games, and the box said this attachment provides the most power.

I decided to place it onto my nose, where my largest blackheads live, and pull it around a bit like they do in the infomercial. This seems counterintuitive because the point of the suction action is to not have to tug on my skin, but I could tell it was strong enough to produce a little bitty hickey if I didn’t keep it moving.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see much gunk leaving my pores, certainly nothing like what is shown in the infomercials. After trying the other three heads, I will say to stay far, far away from the exfoliating head. It’s basically a metal sander and would probably make a dermatologist cry on sight.

The Results

I wish there was more to say here, because as a gal with big ol’ pores and my fair share of blackheads, this product could easily have become a new favorite—if it worked. There was a teeny bit of oil and sebum in the attachment after about 10 minutes of running the Dermasuction over my face, but nothing worth the time or the tugging.

Also, after a few passes over my chin trying to evict some resident whiteheads, that area of my face is red and inflamed, but the blemishes are holding their ground.

I would say, when it comes to blemish removal, we may have to stick to pore strips and our fingertips (despite everyone saying it’s bad to pop your pimples because let’s be real, we’re going to keep doing it anyway).

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