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Purchasing a vehicle can often be a tedious task; a task that usually involves quite a bit of research and comparison. It’s the second most important buying decision, after the purchase of your home.

Finding a vehicle may be a difficult task, but that’s just the beginning. Today, there are several different options for purchasing a vehicle. New vehicle owners can either pay cash, finance or lease a new car. And in today’s world, leasing is becoming the best choice for many people.

There are several factors that make leasing a vehicle the best option. Leasing can give you a lower monthly payment compared to regular financing. Most of our customers keep a vehicle an average of three to six years. What that means is most people could lease two vehicles for six years and still save money.

Cost of ownership is also a lot lower when leasing a vehicle. Most leases are covered under factory warranty for the duration of the lease. After three years, most bumper-to-bumper warranties expire. If anything goes wrong and you own the vehicle, you may be responsible for repairs.

Flexibility is also a benefit to leasing. With a lease, you can turn the vehicle in after your contract is fulfilled, but if you fall in love with the vehicle and choose to purchase it, you still can. At time of delivery, you will know exactly how much it will cost you to purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease.

Now let’s talk about some of the most common oppositions we hear when it comes to leasing a new vehicle.

Village Ford often hears, “I don’t like leasing because I don’t own the vehicle.” In reality, as long as you are under a lease agreement, the vehicle is yours. You can trade it in or decide to purchase it at any time. You can also customize it with tint, rain guards or other accessories you might want.

We also get asked, “What if I get in an accident while I’m under my lease?” While under a lease, you are still insured by your insurance company, which means you can get the vehicle repaired and not have to worry about being penalized by the lease company. If you get in an accident in a vehicle that you own, you have to worry about depreciation due to an accident being reported on the vehicle. This becomes an issue when trading a car in or trying to sell it. With a lease, you can just turn it in—and not worry about it! Let Village Ford help you make the right decision for your budget and lifestyle.

Do you have some questions? Come on in for a cup of coffee. Contact General Manager Scott Reece today.

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