Trust Your Step With GripOn Non-Slip

More than nine million people experience a slip/fall accident every year and 25,000 of those result in hospitalization. About 35 percent of those accidents involve children, while 55 percent of adults over age 40 have had at least one slip/fall.

What if you could make floors and bathtubs up to 400 percent safer with one simple treatment? Thanks to GripOn Non-Slip, you can.

This long-lasting chemical treatment is not a coating, coverage or film. Instead, it creates an invisible tread design in the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain/enamel bathtubs. Without changing the look or feel of the surface, the treatment increases the coefficient of friction by 200 to 400 percent when wet.

Although not obvious to the naked eye, a hard mineral surface has both hard and soft components. GripOn Non-Slip works by depressing the soft agents, creating a non-slip tread pattern, making the surface safer to walk on when wet. An added bonus is that it cleans, sanitizes and seals the floor and grout.

GripOn already serves four states and is well established in the Southeast. Guaranteed for one year or longer, GripOn Non-Slip is proven to work on:


Spanish tile

Glazed brick


Quarry tile

Ceramic tile



Many other hard mineral surfaces

The application process takes on average from one to three hours. There is no residue left behind, and you won’t notice any change in color or appearance. You can’t even tell the surface has been treated when it’s dry; the treatment is only activated when the surface is wet.

After application, there’s no waiting time to use the bathtub or walk on the floor. And because the whole process is environmentally friendly, there are no concerns about residue, fumes or skin/eye irritation.

“Until this product came on the market 10 years ago, the only ways to make floors non-slip were to acid sketch them, which destroys the floor’s integrity, or to apply a paint with grit that changes the appearance of the floor,” explains Mike Stetzer, owner of GripOn USA, which services Marion and Alachua counties.

Many businesses don’t take action to make their floors safer until after they’ve had a slip and fall accident–and a lawsuit.

“Now there’s a relatively inexpensive way to help your customers and loved ones avoid pain and lawsuits,” notes Stetzer. “Our product helps companies and homeowners take the proper due diligence in making surfaces safe when wet.”

Included in every treatment is the Slip-Meter test, which documents that the application has increased the coefficient of friction as claimed.

Three months after application, Stetzer revisits every treatment site to ensure the product is doing its job exactly as promised. It’s this customer service and attention to detail that makes GripOn USA successful.

Make your business or home safer with GripOn Non-Slip. Call today for your free demo.

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