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Local Non-Profits are invited to maximize messaging with a media mix and reach affluent, educated and philanthropic consumers. 

In this special offer, bundle a minimum “half page” print ad in the award-winning Non-Profit Business Council’s “Guide to Charitable Giving  with an NPR radio* campaign (WUFT – 89.1 FM / 90.1 FM) of $650 or more and receive (1:1) bonus radio spots at no additional cost!

* radio schedule offer is valid through 12.31.19

Pick Your Print

Ad Size Price
Half Page $650
Full Page $1,300
Two Page Spread $2,000

Pick Your Radio

Ad Length Time of Day Price Per Spot
30 Seconds Drive/Peak $50-60
15 Seconds Drive/Peak $35-40
30 Seconds Run of Schedule/M-F $40
15 Seconds Run of Schedule/M-F $25
30 Seconds Run of Schedule/Sat-Sun $20
15 Seconds Run of Schedule/Sat-Sun $10

30 seconds (75-80 words) | 15 seconds (42-44 words)

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