2024: Let’s plan some fun in Levy County

Levy County, often referred to as the “Nature Coast,” is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and families seeking adventure amidst natural beauty. This picturesque region, recovering gracefully from last year’s hurricane, offers a wealth of activities that cater to a variety of interests.

Adventure-seekers will find a plethora of options ranging from snorkeling and fishing to hiking and horseback riding. The county’s diverse landscape includes both freshwater and saltwater environments, providing easy access to a variety of aquatic and terrestrial adventures.

One of the county’s highlights is the bay scallop season, running from July 1 to September 24, where families and friends gather in boats to snorkel and harvest these delicious shellfish. For those interested in freshwater activities, Devils’ Den and Blue Grotto offer unique snorkeling and scuba diving experiences in prehistoric underground springs.

Cedar Lakes and Woods Gardens offer a respite from the summer heat, with its 20-acre botanical garden nestled in a former lime rock quarry providing shade and tranquility. Boating enthusiasts have a range of options, from navigating the salt flats along the coast to exploring the Gulf of Mexico’s deeper waters and cruising along four inland rivers.

Cedar Key is not just about water activities; it also offers a delightful mix of dining and shopping experiences. History enthusiasts will appreciate the Cedar Key Historical Society Museum, Shell Mound Archaeological Site, and Seahorse Key Lighthouse, along with the historic town of Rosewood, the Levy County Quilt Museum, and the Chiefland Train Depot.

For those who enjoy swimming, Manatee Springs State Park and Fanning Springs State Park, both situated on the Suwannee River, boast excellent facilities. Additionally, Henry Beck Park and Bronson Blue Springs Park are typically open for swimming and picnicking daily from April through September, conditions permitting.

The area is also a paradise for horseback riding, with the Devil’s Hammock Wildlife Management Area and Goethe State Forest being prime spots. Tisha Whitehurst, the executive director of the Levy County Visitors Bureau, encapsulates the allure of the county: “Levy County is a place where you can relax on the beach in Cedar Key, go snorkeling and so much more. We have great freshwater and saltwater access, plus beautiful natural springs. This is a truly wonderful place to get outside and enjoy time with nature or family.”

For more information, visit visitlevy.com.

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