A Blue & White Christmas

By Karin Fabry

Once the guests are invited and the menu is planned, it’s time to focus your attention of creating a memorable table setting. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination! And remember, red and green are not mandatory. Some of my favorite designs include an elegant all-white table or one decked out in rich jewel tones. Another option? Blue and white. Combining these two classic colors can turn any table into a festive winter wonderland.

If the blue and white look is for you, start with a crisp white linen tablecloth. To further create a clean look, use simple white China and plain crystal glassware. Leaving your place settings simple will draw more attention to your centerpiece. When creating your own blue Christmas table, begin with a grouping of different sized pillar candles. Choose varying shades of blue and scatter in a few white for good measure. Use elements from nature to accessorize your candle arrangement. Pinecones, Christmas tree sprigs, and fallen sticks from the backyard all lend a natural elegance to your table. Add a few simple ball ornaments for added color and sparkle.

Accessorizing your holiday table doesn’t have to involve a lot of time or money. Stop by any discount or craft store and pick up miniature Christmas trees or gingerbread men to scatter throughout the table.

If you’re interested in providing your guests with a take-home memento of the evening, try placing a blue ornament at each table setting or maybe a holiday cookie cutter. For a personal touch, give each person a small picture frame. Make sure to take a group photo before everyone leaves with a promise to email it to each guest. It will be the perfect addition to their new frame and a special keepsake.

Of course, once the food is done and the table is set, make it a point to remember the true meaning of the season. Enjoy reminiscing and sharing with your friends and family. Spending quality time with loved ones is what the holidays are all about.

Finishing Touches

• Display a large collection of photos from Christmases past. This makes a sensational conversation piece.
• Sprinkle white confetti along the table.
• If you have a simple footed bowl in your home, arrange a collection of glass ornaments to create a dramatic centerpiece.
• Place bunches of white poinsettias in the center of your dining table or on your buffet table with white votives surrounding them.
• Use clear crystal accessories for the table — crystal salt and pepper shakers, candle holders, crystals hanging from the chandelier (maybe even hang those long ice cycle looking ornaments from the chandelier).
• If you’ve been storing your best silver in the closet during the past year, take it out, polish it, and make it the center of attention on your Christmas table.

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