A Doctor Who Listens

From Susan at reception to Colleen, Dr. Popeil’s long time nurse to Bonnie the Office Manager, personalized attention is given to each patient by every member of the staff.

To reach Dr. Larry R. Popeil’s family practice office, take a short drive down a tree-shaded road from Southeast 17th Street. Once there, a modest-looking family doctor’s office greets patients like family. A dedicated physician, Dr. Popeil takes his time with each patient, carefully listening to concerns and symptoms before suggesting a proper route of care.

“It’s important to spend more time listening and talking than examining,” says Dr. Popeil.

From Susan at reception to Colleen, Dr. Popeil’s long time nurse, to Bonnie the Office Manager, personalized attention is given to each patient by every member of the staff.

“We treat patients like family, and they treat us the same,” he adds.

And his patients value the attention. 

Joyce Urban’s family has been seeing Dr. Popeil since they came to Ocala 17 years ago. She appreciates that he allows her time to share all of her symptoms and thoughts, and takes them all into account. 

“He takes the complete picture,” says Joyce, “He truly listens!”

Joyce also appreciates his care for her family. The Urbans and  the Popeils have known each other for years.

“Our kids went to school together and even though they’re away in college now, they still come back to Dr. Popeil,” she says.

As a business man and former military officer, Ed Johnson gets straight to the point. When he suffered a catastrophic illness several years ago, Dr. Popeil cared for him in the hospital, and many more weeks after returning home.

 “He worked closely with my wife while I was out of it,” says Ed. “He puts diagnosis and treatment in layman’s terms combined with clinical excellence.” 

As a Trustee for Munroe Regional Medical Center, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ed Johnson is a discerning customer.

Ed’s respect for Dr. Popeil is shared by many who know good medical care. In 2001, a survey of 388 Ocala area doctors by GO Business revealed that most local doctors chose Dr. Popeil most often as the family practitioner to whom they would send their own family. With long affiliations at both Munroe Regional and Ocala Regional Medical Centers, he is currently president of the medical staff at Ocala Regional.

Preventative care is where Dr. Popeil starts, often asking patients “What can we do to make you as healthy as you can be 10 to 15 years from now?” 

“I want my patients to understand in simple terms why it is important to take certain medications now to prevent future problems; so they are fully aware of the benefits and can play an active role in their healthcare. That’s what it’s all about, a partnership between patient and doctor,” notes Dr. Popeil.

A full service laboratory operates on site, handling most of his patients’ tests. He finds people are more comfortable in his office than going to an outside lab.

As a certified clinical researcher and medical director of Magnolia Research Group, Inc., he participates in several prevention and treatment studies
each year.   

“Participating in clinical research keeps you on the leading edge of medical care,” he says.

After attending medical school at the University of Florida, and training in Tallahassee, Dr. Popeil arrived in Ocala 20 years ago with his wife Kathy and their first two children. A lot has changed, and some things are still the same. The oldest two kids went to college, and the youngest two are still at home. Kathy remains active with Cornerstone School, as a board member and fund raiser. Trophies in his office confirm that Cornerstone’s annual Chili Cook-off is an honored family tradition. As he approaches one of those milestone birthdays that you wouldn’t suspect for all of his energy, he remarks simply “having a nine year old at home keeps you young.” 

His family has grown and changed over the years, and so has medicine. Like many doctors and frustrated patients,
Dr. Popeil sorts through continual changes in health insurance and Medicare rules. Still, he and his staff are determined to maintain quality over quantity. When patients come to his office, they always see the doctor.

“I don’t think we need to be the biggest practice, I’m comfortable with the size it is,” he says. “I don’t want to be just the name you pick from a list your insurance carrier gives you. When a new patient comes in, talks to me, and feels comfortable with me as their doctor, that’s what I want.”

Larry R. Popeil MD, PA
 Seven Oaks Professional Park
 2203 SE 3rd Ave., Ocala
 (352) 622-2477
Office Hours:
Mon – Fri 8-5,
Closed 1-2 for lunch

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