A Hip New Approach

Dr. Carl Ollivierre is one of the first surgeons to perform anterior approach hip replacement on the Hana® specialized surgical table at The Villages Regional Hospital.

Florida Musculoskeletal Institute (FMI) has announced that it is now among the few facilities in Central Florida to perform the latest in hip replacement surgery options—the anterior approach hip replacement. Performed on a Hana® specialized surgical table, FMI surgeons trained in the procedure are able to approach the joint from the front, thereby avoiding detaching or severing the rotator muscles of the hip or the gluteus maximus muscles of the buttocks.

“Sparing these key muscle structures from separation creates far less trauma to the patient,” says Dr. Carl Ollivierre, an anterior approach surgical specialist at FMI. “The difference is remarkable, not only because it vastly reduces the risk of dislocation, it also accelerates healing and mobility. Many patients are able to support their full body weight immediately and are walking with a normal gait within a few hours.”

For most patients, the rapid mobility results in a dramatic reduction in pain and stiffness and a quicker return to everyday and recreational activities.

The surgery is performed with the patient lying on his or her back with the hips in a stable position. The supine placement enables many patients needing bilateral surgery to have both hips replaced during the same surgery. Because the incision is in the front, patients report no episodes of lateral (side) or abductor (posterior) muscle pain or weakness and are not forced to sit or lie on tender incision sites or on resulting scar tissue. It is also cosmetically superior, generally producing only precision-sized scarring along the frontal hip area.

Yet another improvement is that hospital stays are typically reduced to just 2–4 days. Physical therapy following surgery varies by patient. Some younger patients may require little to none, while most will benefit from 3-6 weeks of therapy.

The risk of hip dislocation is extremely rare, affecting approximately .05 percent of patients. Other uncommon complications, such as fracture and nerve or vessel damage, remain consistent with traditional hip replacement.

Dr. Ollivierre is the first in Lake County to perform anterior hip replacement surgery utilizing the surgical facilities of The Villages Regional Hospital, and is among the few surgeons in Lake, Marion and Sumter counties trained in the procedure.

“FMI embraces advances only once they prove to provide dramatic improvements over traditional methods,” says Dr. Ollivierre. “This is one surgery that we are excited and proud to perform. It presents a genuinely superior option to most patients requiring hip replacement, and will allow more people to live without pain and physical limitation quicker than ever before.”

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