A Legacy of Caring

When patients arrive at Legacy Dental, they are greeted not only by a professional staff, but also by a team who considers each patient a personal friend.

“We care about our patients,” says Dr. Seabrook, “and get to know them and their families which make the treatments go much easier.”

Dr. Seabrook and his team go out of their way to ease patients’ fears and concerns about having their dental work done. The resounding soothing music can be heard throughout the office, creating a friendly, inviting atmosphere letting the patients know that their needs, concerns, and comforts come first.

A graduate of New York University School of Dentistry, Dr. Seabrook loves his newly adopted home and this is visibly reflected by his conscientious attention to each patient’s dental needs.

“My goal for every patient is not to just patch up a problem, but rather, to set long-term objectives for their dental health,” he says.

Dr. Seabrook is also dedicated to cutting-edge dental technology with extensive training in root canals. He is currently working on a dental instrumentation patent relating to root canal therapy.

Legacy Dental’s commitment to comprehensive dental care entails a thorough evaluation of each patient prior to a procedure.

“Understanding a patient’s personal background helps us put together the right treatment plan,” notes Dr. Seabrook who uses the example of teeth grinding as a case for understanding if there is any underlying cause like a past traumatic experience.

Having practiced for 12 years, Dr. Seabrook is passionate about the benefits of good dentistry to a patient’s overall quality of life.

“We spoil our patients and make them feel comfortable and relaxed,” says Dr. Seabrook. “They are our number one priority and, as a result, become very good friends.”

Legacy Dental
8493 SE 165th Mulberry Lane
The Villages, FL 32162
(352) 751-6649

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