A New Doctor In Town

Ocala native Dr. Claudia Emmons is announcing the opening of her very own practice right here in her hometown.

I’m excited to practice medicine. I really love it—every day is different and every day you learn something new,” she says of her profession. After attending Saint John Lutheran, Dr. Emmons earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She attended medical school at the University of South Florida before completing her Internal Medicine residency in Gainesville at Shands and the VA Hospital. With years of education and experience at hand, she’s excited to open the doors of her primary care practice to the community that raised her.

What can new patients expect? Dr. Emmons says they’ll find “friendly staff, an on-site lab, and a doctor who listens and cares.” The office also caters to individual patients’ technology preferences. If they prefer, patients can use the portal on emmonsmd.com to ask questions, review labs and more. Appointment reminders can be texted or called in to patients.

While it may sound modern, Dr. Emmons says her goal is to keep an old-fashioned feel. It’s important to her to build a relationship with each patient, one characterized by trust. “I have a huge appreciation for the art of medicine,” she explains. “I believe in the importance of good physical exams and that no two people are alike. I want patients to know I’m invested in their health.”

Dr. Emmons’ practice offers primary care services such as annual exams, routine check-ups, urgent visits, and minor procedures. She will also be making visits to patients that are hospitalized. This provides them with a familiar face to deliver personalized care in their time of need. She shares space with her colleague Dr. William Trice who has practiced medicine in Ocala since 1976. The two enjoy being associates and the ability to step next door and ask a few questions. “He is a mentor and someone that I look up to; he has years of experience but still loves to learn.”

Married with two boys, Dr. Emmons says her family is a driving force behind her practice. “I had a great experience growing up here. I felt well-supported and I want my kids to grow up here in that way.”

Dr. Claudia Emmons is accepting new patients currently so be sure to pay her a visit.

Dr. Claudia Emmons

2723 SE Maricamp Rd., Ocala

(352) 732-5211

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