A Safe Space

On this journey through life, we all experience emotional pain. Those struggling to find their way through the darkness can find a beacon of light and hope at The Guest House, where they believe that sharing our stories can help us heal.

Everyone’s story starts before treatment. The deep emotional injuries we receive often go unwitnessed and unacknowledged. The hurt and the shock embedded by these painful memories can cause a sense of disconnection from our bodies and impair our ability to process our true feelings. At The Guest House, they strive to create an environment of emotional intimacy, connection and trust that allows us to experience real forgiveness and reconciliation. They believe sharing our darkness in a sanctuary of love and compassion is a birthplace of transformation.

Located on a tranquil, privately owned 52-acre estate in Silver Springs, this secluded, comfortable center of healing is designed to be your safe space. The world-class treatment facility is equipped to provide for your every need—medical, therapeutic, nutritional or wellness—until you are ready to face the outside world again. They are uniquely equipped to help guests heal from trauma-induced substance abuse and to process addiction, anxiety or depression in a safe, comfortable and confidential setting.

Thomas Pecca, The Guest House’s senior clinical advisor, shared more information about this unparalleled treatment center nestled between the City of Ocala and the Ocala National Forest.

What is the focus of The Guest House?

Opened almost three years ago, The Guest House was founded by Judy Crane, a licensed mental health counselor and world-renowned expert in the fields of trauma and addiction; and John West, a world-class interventionist, businessman and innovator with extensive experience in the addiction industry. Together they have more than 30 years of experience helping adults from all over the United States who are suffering from trauma and addiction. The Guest House follows the Judy Crane Model of treatment, which puts emphasis on dyadic attachment, which focuses on the connection between therapist and client, and experiential therapy with an individualized approach to work on the core issues that created the addiction or mental health issue. Our model emphasizes working on the core issues that created the addiction as a coping mechanism for dealing with traumatic history.

How is The Guest House responding to the mental health needs in today’s society?

While The Guest House residential program has served clients from around the world, we saw a need in our own community, and we believe the Ocala area deserves the best treatment options available. With the opioid epidemic in our country and our community as well as the unresolved trauma that exists in our culture, a need exists for quality treatment options. To meet this need, The Guest House has opened our Intensive Outpatient Program, which will provide premier treatment to our community. We will provide individual therapy, Intensive Outpatient, which is 3 days a week, and Day/Night treatment, which is 5 days a week.

Our approach is a holistic approach. It is our belief that to truly heal and progress as individuals we must look at the core issues that formed our belief systems and coping mechanisms. We treat addictions, including process addiction, and trauma, as well as mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 

What makes your approach to treatment and wellness unique?

Our approach is unique in that we treat the symptoms, the addiction or depression or whatever the presenting problem is, but also treat the reason the symptoms exist. We look at the core issues that make the individual susceptible to the symptoms in the first place. We use experiential therapies and modalities that are cutting edge in our industry, and we are the premiere trauma and addiction providers. In fact, other treatment facilities in the United States hire Judy to train their staffs, because Judy is internationally known for training and presenting to clinicians all over the world. We are truly bringing the best treatment in the world to Ocala.

The Guest House Outpatient Services› 2233 E Fort King Street, Ste A, Ocala › (855) 483-7800 ext. 300 › www.theguesthouseocala.com


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