A Solid Foundation

NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA IS NOTORIOUS for having poor soil,” says Rick Dawson, chief financial officer of American GeoTechnical. “We have had and will continue to have problems with sinkholes. Just because one doesn’t exist today, doesn’t mean it won’t be there in the future.”

For 22 years, American GeoTechnical has been providing area residents with assistance when the unimaginable happens. What starts as loose or broken tiles and cracks in stucco siding can often become a much larger problem. When sinkhole remediation becomes a necessity, the professionals at American GeoTechnical are well versed in the available options.

“Different soil conditions dictate different remediations,” explains General Manager Charles Carr. “There are a lot of good systems that have been developed in the field of geotechnical remediation, but if the proper system isn’t used, the remediation could be incomplete and ineffective in the long run.”

Since the company’s inception in 1984, American GeoTechnical has had no job failures. Rick attributes that success, in large part, to the A.B. Chance line of products. A.B. Chance was founded in 1912 and is considered the father company of deep foundation remediation. American GeoTechnical is the only A.B. Chance installer/dealer in north central Florida.

“We use the best products available and get the best results,” Rick says.

Charles says having a deep, solid foundation for your home (whether it’s in jeopardy or not) is like an added insurance plan.

Whether the job calls for foundation underpinning, pressure grouting, or soil screw systems, American GeoTechnical will use the correct product to secure your home or business, preventing further damage. High-tech monitoring equipment is used to ensure the home won’t move more than absolutely necessary while repairing the foundation.

With today’s technology, it’s possible to prevent structural damage before it becomes an issue.

“For those building a new home or business, it’s a personal choice on whether or not to integrate a deep foundation,” adds Rick. “It’s for people who are concerned about running into clay, expandable soils, or sinkholes in the future.”

Pre-construction underpinning, galvanized steel “piers” or “helical anchors” are used to alleviate the stress that comes with active soil. The pins are drilled through the active soil and secured to the inactive soil below. This becomes the new foundation for future construction, thus supporting the home even if the underlying soil does shift.

Whether preventing future soil issues or remedying current problems, the technicians at American GeoTechnical will take the time to explain the available solutions and the science behind what’s taking place below a customer’s biggest investment—a home or business.

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