A Zen Spa for Zenny

Danielle Morris used soothing colors, natural materials, and elegant accessories to create a spa-like environment for Zenny Ebert’s bathroom. Zenny Ebert

A routine mammogram for Zenny Ebert proved anything but routine. After further testing, Zenny received the news no one wants to hear—she had breast cancer. Diagnosed at Stage II with lymph node involve-ment, Zenny’s doctors recom-mend-ed aggressive treat-ment in-clud-ing a com-plete mastec-tomy and chemotherapy.

“I never suspected anything,” says Zenny. “I was in shock.”

As a 40-year-old mother of two children, Zenny knew she needed to do everything possible to survive. She called the Marion County office of the American Cancer Society—an action, Zenny says, that has given her an incredible support system and lifelong friendships.

“Everyone there was so helpful,” Zenny adds. “Staff and volunteers would visit me regularly and the resources they provided to me were incredible.”

Seven years later, Zenny is grateful to celebrate a clean bill of health although she remains on medicine to reduce the risk of cancer reoccurrence. Emmy Slaughter, ACS’s Marion Unit executive director, says volunteers like Zenny make all the difference.

“It is because of giving hearts like Zenny’s that organizations like the American Cancer Society can exist,” says Emmy.

Zenny shrugs off any praise, saying cancer changed her life in several positive ways.

“Having cancer changed me big time—I’m closer to my family whom I always cherished, but really appreciate now,” she says. “I want to give back to others. Nothing scares me anymore because I try to live life to its fullest.”

Zenny’s work for breast cancer awareness and caring for her family left little time to dedicate attention elsewhere, specifically when it came to home renovation. Zenny’s Ocala home boasts ample space except for one neglected area—the master bathroom. Modest in dimension and décor, Zenny’s master bath was an outdated and sparsely decorated space.


Curved shower curtain directs  water away from walls. Delicate white lace
curtains open up the space. Elegant granite in a soothing color gives that spa
feeling and increases the value of a home.

Danielle Morris, decorator and co-owner of Tres Chic, felt it was time Zenny put herself first with a spa-like bath.

“My mother, Colleen Harper, is a breast cancer survivor so I know the importance of having a space that feels like a retreat,” she says.

Danielle got to work and replaced the worn vanity countertop with an elegant granite piece, courtesy of Leverette Tile and Granite. Next, she added a fresh coat of paint in a calming, cool color called “Mineral Deposit” by Sherwin-Williams. Danielle encourages homeowners to use serene colors in a bath to enlarge the space visually. Then, Danielle replaced an outdated shower rod with a contemporary curved model.

“Older homes generally tend to give us small bathroom spaces,” says Danielle. “This curtain rod not only gives more space, but also allows for water to be directed away from walls, preventing drywall damage in the future.”

Danielle also recommends selecting narrow cabinets for creative storage in a tight space, which Zenny especially appreciates.

“Danielle is wonderful and no words can thank her enough,” says Zenny. “I love to take baths now.”

Tips from the Decorator
—Danielle Morris, Decorator and Co-Owner, Tres Chic

The impact of lighting in a space is often underestimated. Ensure your vanity is well-lit and incorporate recessed lighting into your ceiling if the budget allows.

Select colors for serenity. Soft color choices make the room appear larger.

Avoid using oversized furniture. Choose storage items which do not intrude into your workable space.

Straight from the Decorator

“Granite was chosen for this project because of its natural beauty. A
hard, durable stone, granite requires little maintenance and adds value to a home.”

—Danielle Morris
Decorator and Co-Owner, Tres Chic

The American Cancer Society

Breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as the deadliest cancer among women. This year, it is estimated that nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die. However, breast cancer is not a disease exclusive to women. Approximately 1,700 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and 450 will die.

The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service.

Local chapters, like the Marion Unit, offer transportation to and from treatment for cancer patients who are unable to drive themselves. Volunteers and donations are always welcome and sincerely appreciated.

Special Thanks To:

  •  Leverette Tile and Granite

  • Lightsource

American Cancer Society, Marion Unit
2201 SE 30th Avenue, Suite 301
Ocala, Florida 34471
(352) 629-4727

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