Achieving The Perfect Arch

With a few quick twirls of her hand Manju Sallaram wraps common sewing thread between her fingers and goes to work.

Threading. The hair removal technique has been used in India for generations and is now available in Ocala at Ana’s Eyebrow Place in the Paddock Mall. Consider it a less painful, more friendly way to remove unwanted facial or body hair.

“You get a better eyebrow shape from threading rather than waxing,” says Sallaram. “It’s much more precise.”

The process of threading is quick and easy. The only tool needed is a piece of thread that is looped around the unwanted hair. As the thread slips in and out of a knot, the hair is removed at the root. Results typically last about three weeks and the process leaves minimal redness or irritation.

“It’s painless,” says client Donna Welcome. “I’m in and out of here in a matter of minutes and the results are great. I went to work showing off my eyebrows the first time I had it done. Since then a handful of the girls from my work have also had it done.”

Cheryl, a first time client visiting all the way from Canada watched as Donna’s eyebrows were threaded.

“I saw someone having it done years ago,” Cheryl says. “I was interested but never came across a place that offered threading. When I saw the signs for Ana’s I thought, (Why not, it can’t hurt to try something new). I’ve always done my own plucking, so I’m interested to see what they can do here.

Just 10 minutes later Cheryl smiles when she’s asked, “What do you think?”

“It didn’t hurt,” Cheryl adds. “It was more of a sensation. No pain, though. I will definitely do it again.”

Threading is great for all skin types and is all natural. Sallaram adds that there are no harsh chemicals or hot wax to contend with.

Ana’s Eyebrow Place here in Ocala is Sallaram’s fourth shop, along with her husband, Lavaker Reddy Boreddy. The couple has three other stores, including Cincinnati, St. Petersburg and Port Charlotte. Before opening Ana’s both Manju and Lavaker were software professionals.

“I decided to go into business for myself,” Manju says. “The ups and downs in the business world were too much. We made the move to Ocala from Ohio because we wanted a warmer climate. It was a good decision. Business has been great so far and we’re getting a lot of word-of-mouth recommendations from our clients.”

Depending on your chosen process, hair removal techniques can range from the very painful and inexpensive to medically based techniques that can cost thousands. Threading costs a mere $10 to $12 at Ana’s Eyebrow Place. By the way, Ana is actually Manju and Lavaker’s 5-year-old daughter who they named the franchise after.

If you’re tired of the pain and redness that goes with waxing and tweezing, give threading a try. The looks you can achieve are plentiful. Whether you want a perfectly tailored arch or prefer a more natural look, Sallaram can accommodate your preferences. And all in a matter of minutes.

Ana’s Eyebrow Place
3100 SW College Road, Suite 502
Inside the Paddock Mall next to Macy’s
(352) 351-3937 /

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