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Now is the time to shed long-sleeve sweaters and bask in the sun’s rays. Those sunny days lounging on the beach can take their toll, however. Your skin is one of your body’s best assets, but sun damage, aging and scars can cause you to be self-conscious and have low self-esteem. That’s where Advanced Aesthetics comes in.

“We are professionals who are passionate about what we do,” says Vanessa W. Thomas of Advanced Aesthetics. “People expect results, and we deliver.”

At Advanced Aesthetics, you’ll find a warm and inviting environment where the friendly staff will assist you with all skin-related concerns. The experts at Advanced Aesthetics use only the most advanced lasers, technology and products. Every client who walks into the private and upscale office is given personal attention.

“Some people think surgery is the only alternative, and they are not willing or wanting to do something expensive and invasive. We have a solution,” says Vanessa. “Lasers, fillers and skin care can offer great results. The treatments are also surprisingly affordable, and we offer payment options as well as financing.”

Advanced Aesthetics’ mission is to make clients feel their best and help them once again feel comfortable in their own skin.

The certified and licensed staff have specialized training in their area of expertise and continue educating themselves to stay on track with new innovations in their line of work.

Advanced Aesthetics offers a variety of services that are quick and require little to no down time. After procedures, many clients are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately or soon after their session.

Because Advanced Aesthetics has a range of services—from treating acne scarring to smoothing wrinkles with lasers—the office’s clientele includes men and women of all ages. Popular services include laser hair removal, dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm and Botox, and a variety of aesthetic laser procedures as well as facials and peels to revive their skin. Through a consultation, Advanced Aesthetics’ professionals will determine the best procedure to erase blemishes and other imperfections, including sun spots, scars, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, unsightly veins and rosacea. Fractional laser treatment and vein treatment are other procedures among the company’s outstanding services.

Medical and prescription-strength, high-quality products—including Obagi, Theraderm and a cutting-edge Bio-Regenerative Stem Cell line are available to encourage a healthy skin care regimen.

A weight loss program is also an available service. Patients receive a full evaluation by our physician Dr. Steven Tieche for a personal diet plan that may include a low glycemic index diet and appetite suppressants.

“We are honest and upfront about what we do,” says Vanessa. “We don’t make you look different… only better! Many people choose not to do cosmetic surgery for various reasons. What we do at Advanced Aesthetics is improve and rejuvenate you, not change the way you look.”

Located in Cala Hills, 
next to Chandra Smiles

1920 SW 20th Place, Ste. 201, Ocala

(352) 620-2566

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