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As a teenager Rosa Guinn moved to Florida with not much more than the shirt on her back. She freely mentions the “bad choices” she made growing up and is quick to say that her mom “did an awesome job” raising her, but Rosa’s transition into adulthood was not an easy one. After securing a steady job and working out a permanent housing situation for her then-infant daughter, Dezire, Rosa made a promise to herself that her children would never have the life she chose when she was young.

Rosa’s more than fulfilled that promise.

“When I go back home now,” Rosa admits, “people are just shocked at what I’ve become.”

Fast forward to 2005.

Despite having “no business experience at all,” she launched Advanced Hair Design. Rosa began simply enough, with just her daughter at her side. And even though she now employs a dedicated team of industry veterans, Rosa still proudly approaches each day like she did in the beginning.

“I’m an employee,” she suggests. “I work behind the chair from open to close. I’m in before the girls get there, and I’m there after they leave.”

Her hands-on management style earns results from her staff.

“I get a lot of respect because I’m working just as hard as they are,” she says. “But I reward the girls, whether it’s doing dinner together or just a simple lunch for all their hard work. These girls mean everything to me.”

Rosa currently oversees a staff of nine—daughter Dezire as well as Laura, Jennifer, Cindi, Alichia, Tonya, Rachel, and Trish—including herself in the total. Combined, they have more than 50 years of salon experience and work collaboratively on many of the most challenging requests.

Rosa’s meticulous nature also extends to the well-conceived details of the salon’s roomy home off Maricamp Road in southeast Ocala and to the full range of services that Advanced Hair Designs provides to its clients—coloring, cutting, relaxing, manicures, pedicures, fills, full sets, foiling and highlighting, and paneling. Rosa even has a barber on staff, which she says “is quite rare in this area.” As you would expect, this is a place that caters to the whole family.

And speaking of family, Rosa is quick to credit hers, especially her husband, Jeff. They’re often in the stands watching their son, also named Jeff, play various area sports. Rosa realizes that every moment like this is precious.

“I really enjoy making people feel better,” she says. “I know I’m making a difference.”

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Advanced Hair Design
3535 SE Maricamp Road, Suite 1008
Ocala, Florida
(352) 622-4247

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