Altruistic Animal Advocates

Helping every single pet in Marion County is a big goal. Dr. O’Brien and the staff of Maricamp Animal Hospital have set out to accomplish it with compassion and dedication.

Whether you’re the pet parent of a darling doggie or cute kitty cat, your companion critters are part of your family. You want to know they’re in good hands when they need veterinary care, whether it’s routine shots, an emergency visit or management of a chronic condition. That’s why Dr. Katherine O’Brien has put together a team of honest, caring professionals who are passionate about pet care—and our community.

“We want our patients to feel comfortable and stress free from the very first visit,” Dr. O’Brien asserts. “It’s about the experience and treating our clients and patients like family. An honest, ethical and happy attitude helps the team build trust with owners that we are here to help their pet. Being part of such a proactive medical team brings us all great joy in our souls!”

Protecting our Precious Pets

These animal experts know every treatment they provide could save a life—whether it’s surgery to remove a tumor or preventative care such as vaccines and dental treatments. Since 2013 they have made cutting-edge veterinary care available to our pets—from advanced technology including ultrasound and radiography to regenerative therapies and drug free technology from stem cell, platelet rich plasma and immunotherapy to pain management including acupuncture, laser therapy or consulting with a rehabilitation team.

“With all the medical advances we have these days, your pet does not have to suffer,” Dr. O’Brien reveals. “We can stop the pain by allowing the body to help heal itself. We have every single modality to help pets.”

Maricamp Animal Hospital is able to provide services that include house calls, telemedicine consultations and a full service veterinary hospital for all of your pet’s needs. They want to ensure every pet parent has an opportunity to help their pet.

Educating Pet Parents

Education is key at Maricamp Animal Hospital. Their mission is to provide exceptional services while educating clients on all aspects of their pets’ health and wellness, and their policy is to educate the client on every option and let them make the decision that’s right for them and their family.

“We will always recommend the absolute best in veterinary medicine and then, together, make a decision on what works best for your four-legged family members,” Dr. O’Brien explains.

Reaching Out to the Community

This team advocates for all animals, and they attend events throughout Marion County to give free advice. They go to schools to teach children proper animal handling and essential medical care to make them better “pet siblings.”

“If we can help one person with their pet, then our hearts are fulfilled with success,” Dr. O’Brien affirms. “We are the voice for the animals and we love what we do. Our mission and goal is to help every single pet in Marion County.”

That includes supporting Saving Paws & Hooves in Central Florida, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping animals that need lifesaving care and whose owners don’t have the financial resources to pay for treatment.

The kindness of this team isn’t limited to animals. They also support Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection.

“We are blessed to be able to have the passion and drive to save animals,” Dr. O’Brien emphatically states. “We, in turn, create a ripple effect of happier and kind-hearted humans.”

Maricamp Animal Hospital
4485 SE 53rd Ave., Ocala
(352) 624-0300

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