‘An Opulent European Spa’

SPECIAL TO OCALA STYLE A destination equal to an opulent European spa was what Dr. Michael and Marsha Holloway of Ocala had in mind when they opened Marchelle’s Paris Medical Spa. Just as they hoped, many area residents and patrons outside of Marion County have taken advantage of the extensive spa treatments and state-of-the-art medical procedures offered at Marchelle’s.

A haven for those looking for renowned techniques and top-of-the-line beauty products, Marchelle’s offers personalized services typically found only at exotic spa locations. From facials and skin treatments to massage and up-to-the-minute health and beauty treatments, Marchelle’s utilizes the most modern equipment and procedures, all provided by licensed estheticians and medical professionals.

In business, growth is always a good thing and Marchelle’s has quickly grown to the point that expansion was necessary. A decision was recently made to move the management office to a corporate location. This will allow the former office area to be converted into consultant and procedure rooms, as well as a fabulous European boutique.

More rooms will allow a greater availability of body treatments, non-surgical facelifts, ultrasound treatments, laser tattoo removal, and Brite White LED teeth whitening, which attacks stains without affecting the pulp, softening the enamel, or causing tooth sensitivity. Many of these new spa treatments are already being offered.

One of the exciting things on the agenda is half- and full-day spa packages, which include a gourmet lunch. The best part is that packages can be customized to combine the exact treatments each client desires. Instead of having to chose a pre-set package, you can “mix and match” treatments to create the package of your choice. Facials, massages, and laser and body treatments can be combined, and one of the staff members will be happy to help you customize your special package.

A portion of the newly expanded facilities is being dedicated to an exclusive European boutique offering only the finest designer products for both men and women; sunglasses (Bvlgari, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Coach, Versace), custom shoes and handbags, custom jewelry, scarves, jackets, fur shawls, and wraps. In addition to the complete Marchelle’s Paris line of cosmetics, skin, hair, and body care, Marchelle’s has brought exclusively to Ocala the finest lines of perfumes and colognes for its patrons (Cartier, Hermes of Paris, Bvlgari, and Creed). Many elegant gift items will also be arriving just in time for Christmas including Swartski’s crystal perfume decanters, palm oil candles, fine European teas, French soaps, and many other exclusive product lines.

A new gentlemen’s spa will open in the upstairs, offering old-fashioned straight razor shaves, gentlemen’s facials, and skin care products specifically designed for men. The western theme features a full “bar” stocked with essentials oils, hair care products, and, of course, a round of complimentary wines, champagnes, liquors, coffees, and teas will be served. For the contemporary male, a 60-inch flat-screen TV will play up-to-the-minute news, sports, and financial information. All spa treatment areas catering to male clientele are separated and private from where the women receive treatments.

Some people make the mistake of thinking spas are strictly “women-oriented,” but according to the International Spa Association, men now make up 29 percent of all spa-goers. Today’s men are more conscious of their appearance and interested in laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Because Marchelle’s offers such a wide variety of services and treatments, they already have a number of regular male clients.

“We really took an interest in men’s health,” says Marsha. “Once they began to feel better, they were no different than our female patients — they immediately got serious about looking better. The fact that Dr. Holloway helped them with their overall health gave them the confidence and trust necessary to begin scheduling laser hair removal, resurfacing, Botox and Restylane injections, as well as gentlemen’s facials and massages.

“I think today’s male has definitely changed,” she continues. “They care more about their appearances. They not only want to please themselves, but also their spouse or girlfriend.

“Fortunately for me, I have a pretty hip and sexy husband who is into exercise, health, fashion, shopping, and looking good,” Marsha adds. “I soon began to realize this had really become the norm. Today’s male really cares about their overall health and image. I am thrilled that a lot of Ocala men are really starting to focus on getting serious about their health and appearance. But really, don’t we all want to look younger longer?”

As Marsha points out, living in the Sunshine State means that people are routinely exposed to damaging ultra-violet rays, which can lead to skin cancers. More men are facing this reality and becoming concerned about preventing skin damage. Men are susceptible to skin damage in different ways from women. Many men are outside in their line of work, but even executives in an office building can get sun damage through the window and when they are driving.

Marchelle’s offers Visia Complexion Analysis, which is actually an MRI of the facial derma layer showing areas that may be a problem later. This allows for correction and even prevention.

Visia Complexion Analysis provides a quantitative assessment of the skin’s features, including pigmentation, pores, wrinkles, UV spots, and photo damage. Both standard and UV photography are used to record and measure the surface and subsurface condition of the skin. A special feature allows the technician to zoom in and magnify image areas for closer examination of a specific skin characteristic.

“No one else in Ocala has this machine, which shows skin damage all the way down to the dermis,” says Marsha. “Results of the scans show that the left side of the face, the side facing the driver’s window, is almost always twice as bad as the right side. This is even true when people have tinted car windows because they don’t block the UV rays.”

Men as well as women are now using skin care products to protect their skin from additional damage. Because men’s skin is quite different from women’s, Marchelle’s offers a variety of skin care product lines for both sexes.

“We work with people to educate them on how to improve their health and on how to maintain the results they get from the different procedures we offer,” Marsha notes. “If we do a laser procedure, we’ll tell you how to maintain the improvements you obtained with that procedure. Any time we suggest using specific items from our product lines, our clients are pleased to know they are medical grade. We have two pharmacists that work with us compounding facial products and treatment regimens. Everything is customized.”

Expert skin care with a European flavor is one of Marchelle’s specialties. Whether you need a one-time visit to prepare for a special event or are interested in a series of treatments, your treatment will be personally designed for your skin type and specific needs.

Tatiana Tatarinova is a licensed medical esthetician and skin care specialist, second only to her degree in Literature from Perm State University. Tatiana is a native of Russia and is fluent in both Russian and English. Prior to Tatiana moving to Ocala, she was the host of People of the City, a Russian prime time television show where she transformed ordinary people into celebrities on live television. Tatiana continued her training in Moscow and quickly become the skin care specialist to Moscow’s finest first ladies, government officials, political figures, and celebrities. Tatiana brings to Marchelle’s her own unique flair to treatment regimes and skin care.

Another one of Marchelle’s licensed skin care specialists is Maurizio Giordanengon. Maurizio was trained in Europe and has worked in Rome, Paris, Monaco, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Manhattan. Not only does Maurizio speak four languages, but also his vast experience is evident in the expertise he brings to his facials, body treatments, anti-aging therapies, aromatherapy, and reflexology. Maurizio’s Italian charm, charisma, and technique give Marchelle’s Paris a cutting edge above other medical spas. No matter what treatment you select, a bit of Europe always surrounds you.

“Many of our massages and facials can’t be found elsewhere,” said Marsha. “The quality and expertise of our estheticians is amazing; they bring treatment to a whole new level. It’s just what you would expect to find in Europe, New York, or Beverly Hills.”

Masques and treatment processes are either medical grade or 100 percent natural. For example, your esthetician may be grinding lavender seeds right before your eyes and then mixing in the essential oils. Products from the Alps, and all over Europe are used, as well as special clay from Sedona, Arizona.

A bit of pampering may well be the antidote to today’s demanding pace and frantic lifestyle. While spa body treatments are certainly intended to soothe and relax, the good news is that they can also deliver remarkable results.

Marchelle’s offers numerous body treatments, including Hydraspa treatments in which the patron reclines in a comfortable enclosed capsule and lets water work its magic through hydro-massage on different areas of the body. Infrared light therapy and aromatherapy are also part of the experience. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish as the skin is fully hydrated during treatment.

Some guests choose to add a body wrap, which can double the effectiveness of the Hydraspa treatment. The Inch Loser Wrap is a popular choice, as several inches can actually be lost in one treatment, due to all-natural herbs and minerals in the wrap that bring about amazing results.

A new treatment offered by Maurizio, “Raindrop Therapy,” offers an unforgettable 90-minute experience that begins with a relaxing foot reflexology treatment. Twenty-two essential oils are applied like raindrops along the spine, legs, and feet, followed by a full body treatment that detoxifies, boosts the immune system, relieves chronic pain, and promotes restful sleep. Truly a feast for the senses — and beneficial as well!

Another revolutionary treatment is the non-surgical lift system, a heat-based treatment plan that allows patients to receive the benefits of a facelift or tummy tuck without the complications and pain that go along with surgery.

Photo-rejuvenation utilizes Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL) to target wrinkles and fine lines, as well as stretch marks and scars on the face and body. Strategically directed light waves cause the skin to regenerate. It is also useful for helping restore a more youthful appearance to the hands by diminishing age spots. Tattoo and spider vein removal is also available.

Ultrasound has been used for cosmetic purposes since the early 1980s and Marchelle’s utilizes ultrasound treatments in a variety of ways. Some of these include skin rejuvenation treatments, stretch mark reduction, and treatment of scar tissue and contracture. Ultrasound is safe for all skin types and colors, and clients appreciate the excellent and predictable results.

Ultrasound enhances the effectiveness of many skin products by allowing deeper and more thorough penetration. It also acts on tissue in a manner similar to a “micro massage,” improving skin tone, softness, and texture. Because it helps dilate blood vessels, this leads to improved circulation and lymph flow, muscle relaxation, and reduced inflammation and pain relief. Stretch marks, fine lines, and sun-damaged skin are improved through multiple ultrasound treatments.

Microdermabrasion is a popular procedure for those concerned with fine lines and uneven facial texture. Marchelle’s utilizes the Parisian Peel system, which removes dead cells and the dull first layer of skin to reveal a youthful glow and smoother skin after just one procedure.

When acne is an issue, the experts at Marchelle’s often recommend the SpectraClear Acne PhotoClearance treatment, which is used for treatment and prevention of acne. Effective for both teens and adults, teenagers have been especially thrilled with the positive results.

This unique treatment uses a laser to eliminate blackheads and to destroy the bacteria that often causes acne. Twice-a-week treatments are advised for the first two months, followed by maintenance treatments once every month or two, as needed thereafter. Special facial products for cleansing and sun protection are used as well.

One of the benefits of Marchelle’s is that it partners directly with its “sister company,” the Institute of Bariatric Medicine (IBM), where patients have access to comprehensive, physician-directed weight management programs, as well as a vast array of both medical and upscale spa treatments. All medical procedures and treatments offered at Marchelle’s and IBM are medically supervised and FDA-approved.

IBM and Dr. Michael Holloway were directly responsible for counseling and treating the participants of the Ocala Style Dream Makeover and launching them on a successful weight loss and exercise plan.

“IBM made the women healthier on the inside and helped them lose the weight,” explains Marsha. “Then Marchelle’s came on board to help them with their appearance by focusing on skin care with a variety of treatments.”

Of course, IBM isn’t just for patients looking for a total makeover. Dr. Michael Holloway and the other experts on staff will assist patients in need of weight loss, nutrition, and fitness counseling, hormonal therapy for both men and women, as well as testing to see what vitamins and minerals are needed in the diet. A customized program is then tailored to each individual.

“We are not a diet, so we do not believe in replacement meals, but we do have supplements and food we sell for people who need a meal on the go,” says Marsha. “The key is that we teach people how to eat in the real world. If you don’t have this education, you’ll lose weight and then go right back to where you were before, or worse. You need both proper nutrition and exercise for the plan to work successfully. For exercise, we use yoga and Qi-Po and have private trainers.

“Our focus is on individuals wanting a lifestyle change,” Marsha concludes, “and getting people healthy on the inside and out.”

Marchelle’s Paris Medical Spa
2139 NE 2nd Street, Suite B-2A
Ocala, FL
(352) 368-2148
(866) 401-8942

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