Art for Animals

Fist City Tattoo and the Humane Society of Marion County joined together to create both inked art and money for the society’s animals. The newly-reopened tattoo shop offered freebies like flash art, an artist’s sketch, Fist City T-shirts, and Bonefish Grill and Bojangles’ restaurant gift cards. Dozens of area ink fans helped out with donations that benefitted the Humane Society’s mission to prevent animal cruelty and over-population.

“Adoption fees don’t even cover the costs of spays and neutering, let alone the shots, month preventatives and microchips,” says Amanda Thurber, the society’s outreach coordinator. “A lot of people don’t understand that the Humane Society is 100 percent non-profit.”

The society provided over 2,000 pet adoptions last year and recently transitioned into a no-kill shelter. Fist City and its talented tattoo artists donated their time, skills and ink to help Marion County animals have medical care, shelter and find a forever home.

Thurber expands on how the fundraiser helped. “It benefitted the community because with funds to care for the animals’ medical needs, we’re able to keep our adoption fees low so more animals get homes. Then we can help the next homeless animal.”

“My favorite part was just listening to stories,” Thurber says. “Why people chose the tattoo they did.  Tattoos always have meaning to people.”

The fundraiser earned $628.  Keep an eye out for more upcoming fundraisers for the Humane Society of Marion County like Strikes for Strays happening Saturday, August 31, 2019.

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