Art Is All Around Us

Recently a customer used the word “bohemian” in describing All About Art. She nailed it. Words like “funky,” “eclectic” and “unique” are always used when defining the offbeat Belleview art store, but “bohemian” says it all.

It was 10 years ago this past March when Donna Damato first opened the doors to All About Art with the dream of owning a gallery that would cater to local artists throughout Marion County. It would be a place where not only art but also every realm of artistry could be displayed—from paintings to pottery and from sculptures to glass works.

“Once you set foot in All About Art, it’s as if you have been transported to another time and place,” says customer Vivian Rudderman. “I expected to see Hemingway or Picasso in the next room.”

Throughout these 10 years, All About Art has grown not only in size but also in the breadth of works it offers the public. The gallery is still the cornerstone of the business, but today the store also offers classes on oils, watercolors,pencils and portrait painting taught by premier local artists. There is also out-of-the-ordinary giftware throughout, where that special present for that special someone can easily be found as well as a boutique of clothing and handmade jewelry, including some pieces made by Donna herself.

“In the past couple of years, All About Art has embraced New Age with classes in meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki,” says Donna.“Opening up to one’s surroundings and seeking balance in life can be construed as art, as this process helps people become more aware of everything around them. In fact, many yoga students have been moved to also study painting and sculpting as an added form of self-expression.”

Donna admits she has always felt that art comes in many forms.

“It’s all around us,” she says, “and when you step into All About Art,it envelopes you.”

All About Art

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10:30am-5:30pm

5162 Abshier Boulevard, Belleview

(Hwy 441 next to Kangaroo & KFC)

(352) 307-9774

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