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Aruba Tan is not only our area’s newest tanning salon, it’s also the most state-of-the-art.

Having spent many family vacations in Aruba as a child (an island she considers to be like home), co-owner Sarah Pyles has made certain to bring a sense of the small island to the salon. Her favorite touch is the hand-painted mural that greets the customers. Sheryl Wallesverde, a local artist, was commissioned to paint the colorful beach scenes.

“The Divi-divi tree is very common in Aruba,” Sarah says, “so the tree has sort of become our recurring theme throughout the salon.”

Bright colors and exotic flowers and plants complete the atmosphere.

“We wanted to create a very high-end, exclusive, and technologically advanced salon, and I think we did just that,” Sarah says.

No other salon in Ocala has the high-caliber beds that Aruba Tan offers its clients.

“I got tired of going to tanning salons and not seeing any results,” co-owner Casey Cannon says. “The closest salons to Ocala that carry these particular products are in Jacksonville and Orlando. The beds are manufactured in Holland and they’re the best out there.”

Aruba Tan offers 10 tanning beds, two of which are part of ProSun’s Lumina 40 series. These beds are equipped with a control panel display that gives tanners easy access to facial lamps, cooling fans, and timers.


For an added sensory stimulation, the bed also comes with an aromatherapy feature that emits a steady, soft scent. Clients can choose between citrus, ocean, and exotic fragrances. The Lumina 40 beds also provide additional emphasis for facial tanning through a higher UV-B percentage in the “pink” lamps that are used at the head of the bed.

“These are the largest beds we have,” Sarah says. “We also have two of the Lumina 32s, which are 15-minute beds, compared to 13 minutes in the 40 series. The halogen bulbs for facials really produce a strong, rich tan. Our six other beds are also the highest-quality ProSun beds, just in a more standard size.”

Stand-Up Tanning

For those who prefer to remain standing during the tanning process, Aruba Tan’s stand-up tanning bed features a unique lift system which brings your body into perfect tanning position, ensuring even tanning from face to feet. The stand-up tanner also has an advanced ceiling-to-floor ventilation system that keeps the environment comfortable and cool. With 12 minutes of maximum exposure, tanning is quick and easy. The system also comes equipped with integrated facial lamps.

Each of Aruba Tan’s beds is housed in private, island-themed rooms, and all beds come equipped with a stereo system, making the tanning process more enjoyable.

One of the newest advances in tanning is the sunless system. Many of us have tried the store-bought versions of sunless tanning creams, only to be disappointed by streaky or orange results. Aruba Tan’s Omega Pro I stand-up sunless system is completely UV-free and has a 360-degree misting system for even distribution. A quick, 20-second drying process follows the six- to eight-second spray.

There’s no need to wait 30 to 45 minutes before dressing. The sunless tanner dries in seconds and won’t stain your clothing. Sunless tanning is ideal for clients who are prone to burns and those who find it difficult to tan.

Teeth Whitening

Another new development in tanning is the process of whitening teeth while you tan. Now you can literally tan your way to a brighter smile.

“We have the Hollywood Whites system,” Casey says. “UV light from tanning combined with a tooth-whitening gel is designed to brighten your smile. Hollywood Whites uses an ergonomically designed mouthpiece and it’s a very comfortable bite strip”

Aruba Tan also carries several complete lines of indoor tanning products including Swedish Beauty, Designer Skin, and Fiesta Sun, which includes fun products like the “Chocolate Tini” tanning blend.


In addition to the top-of-the-line tanning systems, a licensed massage therapist is also on staff and offers a variety of different massages including deep tissue and Swedish massages. While this is Sarah and Casey’s first business venture, it’s already proven itself successful and the young pair is continuing to look to the future.

“We plan to offer more services as we grow,” Sarah says. “In the future, we hope to offer a juice bar to our clients.”

Aruba Tan, Inc.

3405 SW College Road, Suite 101

Ocala, Florida

(352) 854-6228

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