Ask The Expert: Construction

Chap Dinkins

What are potential buyers most interested in right now?

Getting the very best value for every dollar of their money. Most of the lavish frills are gone, other than counter tops and wood flooring. We help you do more with fewer dollars.

Why build, though?

It’s the best way for the owner to get exactly what they want and have extended warranties on what they buy.

You’re well known and respected in the Ocala area. What do you think accounts for your longevity?

We treat our customers as we would want to be treated. We work with customers as a team to make their dreams a reality. Our open-book policy allows them to see exactly where their money is being spent.

How is Fabian Dinkins different from other contractors?

We build as if we were building a home for our family to live in or our own personal office. Customer needs and objectives take first priority. After you move in, we follow through and make every effort to complete details in your project to your satisfaction. We do what we say we will do, we stand behind our work, and we work hard to ensure clients get what they want and know exactly what the cost is. We are accessible at all times. We urge you to talk with our current and former customers.

I like a mixture of styles, from traditional to modern. Can you accommodate my tastes?

If you can dream it we can build it. We go through numerous design phases in order to create a plan that will please our clients.If you want to make changes along the way, that is exactly what we do.

What are some of the most common features people fail to consider when choosing elements for their new project?

The functionality of how they will use the home or office. For instance, some owners like the washing machine to be near the bedrooms, while others like it near the kitchen. We have developed a specification and check list sheet nearly 30 pages long that we go over in detail with every customer. Nothing is overlooked.

You hear so much about upgrades and out-of-pocket expenses. How does your company make the building process easier for clients?

We spend time and effort before construction to understand exactly what the customer wants, thereby limiting many unexpected changes. We don’t charge a change order fee if a change is made.

What’s your outlook for the rest of the year’s real estate market?

We believe that we have turned the corner and that the recovery has begun. This is an excellent time to build a home or office. Interest rates are at an historic low. We are able to select the very best subcontractors and tradesmen to build your custom project. The recovery may be slow, but we believe it has begun.

Want To Know More?

Fabian Dinkins Construction

2631 SE 58th Avenue

Ocala, FL 34480

(352) 694-5000

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