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Dr. Joe & Robyn Locker David & Lorraine Owen Dr. Bob & Pokey Feldman Dale & Sherrie Cebert Caroline Futch

It’s the cozy place you retreat to on a cold, rainy afternoon. The inviting place you fall into at the end of a long day. The warm place you snuggle with your children on an early morning. Or maybe it’s a comfortable place where you read a favorite book.  •  It’s your bed.  •  Is your bed a comforting retreat?  Most home design experts agree that the bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home and it’s easy to see why. We’ve found five beautiful beds that perfectly fit the description of relaxation and escape. Five beautiful beds, five grateful families, five reasons to say “Aaaaahhh” at the end of each day.

Dr. Joe & Robyn Locker

After much discussion over the possibility of a four-poster bed, the Lockers decided a sleigh bed would better suit their master bedroom. Their rich heavy wood bed is softened with beautiful coordinating French toile, checks, and dots. 

“We wanted child friendly bedding, so the kids could jump in our bed and watch movies and we wouldn’t have to worry,” says Robyn.

The focal point of the room is a beautiful memory board wall that is an extension of the headboard. Robyn found the idea in a magazine many years ago and saved it for the right space. She and a friend completed this project together in just a few days. 

“We want to collect family photos over the years and have this become a growing memory board for us, “she says, “It adds a lot of life to our room and surrounds us with special moments as a family.”

David And Lorriane Owen

Luxurious but simple masculine blue and brown bedding drape this beautiful Henry II style European bed that was imported from France. 

“I love that it is an old piece being used in a new way,” says Lorraine Owen of their urban rustic bed that was painted black and distressed.

The oversized silk pillows soften the lines of the bed and the small detailed carvings are typical of this time period. Although an antique, this bed is very heavy, and is given a more modern look by the paint technique and bedding. 

“Your bed should be inviting and comfortable,” says Lorraine. “I love to dress a bed with nice linens, a fluffy mattress pad, and lots of pillows.”

Dr. Bob & Pokey Feldman

I have such a love for nature, and I wanted to be surrounded by it,” says Pokey Feldman of the all-natural Burch bark bed with rattan inlay in the master bedroom at their home on Lake Weir. 

The placement and height of the bed allows your eye to pass right over the footboard and out to the beautiful lake every morning. The fabrics used are all natural cotton and wool, bringing the greens, browns, and grays from nature inside. The bed is flanked with weighted light fixtures to adjust the height and raw bulbs contributing to the old Florida cracker character of the home. This bed is a reflection of their style — understated simplicity.

Dale & Sherrie Cebert

We wanted our bedroom to feel as if we were at a really nice resort with a large and comfortable bed,” says Sherrie Cebert.

This romantic Tuscan style bed has beautiful carved wood rope trim and a headboard of leather padding trimmed with gold upholstery studs. The bed is very substantial, allowing the Cebert’s bedroom to feel like a getaway, but not so fancy that kids aren’t welcome. 

“We love that our bed is large enough for the kids to jump in and snuggle,” says Sherrie. 

The chocolate dupioni silk and dark gold and rust brocade bedding plays up the rich tones of the wood bed. 

“I like texture and wanted the bedding to be dressed up with fringe and extra details,” adds Sherrie.

Caroline Funch

My bed is special because it reminds me of the wonderful times I’ve spent with my family in Mexico,” says Caroline Futch of her custom, handmade, wrought-iron bed which was made to Caroline’s exact specifications by a welder in Mexico. 

Soft creamy white linens are a sharp contrast to the dark black iron, which makes this rustic bed become an elegant and comfortable place to relax. The large open scrolls of the iron on the headboard keeps the bed from becoming too heavy and allows your eye to focus on the textures and patterns of the bedding.

A few suggestions from Stephen Popowich, Interior Designer at Koontz Company Furniture.

Choose the size of the bed depending on the size of your room.This is the time to also decide whether you want a footboard or not. Some people feel closed in by a footboard, but it can add comfort and stability for others.

Cozy, romantic, ornate, rustic. Determine if the bed is going to be the focal point of the room or an accent. Also, decide if this will only be the place you rest, or will it be a place to curl up with a good book, watch movies, snuggle with children, or enjoy breakfast in bed.

Everyone wants a soft place to fall into at the end of the day, so feel the textures of your bedding when you are rested, or anything might feel good. 

It is important to choose a mattress with support, not firmness. You need support, but also cushion-ing so the bed conforms to you, not your body to the mattress. A good night’s rest in a comfortable bed affects your day, mood, and health. A current trend is the no-flip mattress, just rotate.

You spend one-third of your life in bed — it should be a place that surrounds you with comfort.

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