Beyond The Average Burger

Burgerim brings endless flavor combinations and unique menu items to Ocala foodies.

With 792 possible flavor combinations to try, it’s safe to say Burgerim has sandwiches on their menu you simply can’t get anywhere else. During their grand opening on September 8, foodies can go crazy with unheard of combinations—fried egg atop falafel, anyone?—while everyone in the family can still find something they’ll love.

Burgerim offers their signature 2.8- to 3.2-ounce patties in singles, packs of two or three, or in party boxes of up to 16 when sharing with a group. Ordering begins with choosing your meat, a deliciously daunting task with so many options.

Guests can stick to a classic beef patty or try something more out-of-the-box, like a dry-aged beef or wagyu patty. Lamb, turkey, chicken and salmon are all on the menu, too, if a traditional burger doesn’t strike your fancy. Vegetarian eaters are also welcome, with lentil, tofu, carrot and onion veggie patties on deck and handcrafted falafel made in-house.

Next, stack those patties on white or wheat buns. Diners looking to eat lighter or with dietary restrictions can also opt for fresh, crisp lettuce wraps.

Burgerim’s menu really shines when it comes to their toppings. Ask for a signature style for tried-and-true topping tastes. For example, ordering Cowboy style gets you patties topped with cheddar, barbecue sauce, onion rings and bacon. And not for the faint-of-heart, Caliente style comes with pepper jack, jalapenos, habanero sauce and Cajun spice.

Of course, it may be more fun to come up with your own creation. With 24 toppings to choose from, including veggies, cheeses, sauces and more, you really can’t go wrong. Pair up your patties with fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings or a half-and-half order of two options, and you’re well on your way to burger nirvana. 

Stop by Burgerim to taste other fan favorites, like chicken wings, salads, sweet shakes and more. Burgerim also carries a wide selection of beer and wine to accompany your one-of-a-kind creations.

Burgerim › 4414 SW College Road, Suite   1460, Ocala › (352) 236-5552 ›

Your new favorite burger joint recently celebrated its grand opening in the Market Street at Heath Brook. At Burgerim, you build your burger just the way you want it, choosing between three buns, six sauces, nine unconventional toppings and 11 patties. Will you choose the dry-aged beef, Merguez beef (seasoned with cumin, chili pepper, garlic, paprika and roasted pepper) or the wagyu beef, regarded as the finest quality beef available in the U.S.? And those are just a few of the selections! Burgerim also offers a variety of chicken, fish, meat-free options and salads to suite your dietary needs. Once you select your burger, go crazy with the toppings, from a plain burger for the little ones to an extravagant explosion of flavors for yourself. The food is always freshly made and guaranteed to please even the hungriest of appetites. Family and party-size portions are also available, as is catering. The stylish, modern décor of the restaurant is unlike any fast-food place you’ve seen. But the convenience of fast, friendly service is there. Plus, they will offer delivery service in the future! Check out, and Like them on Facebook for all the latest information.


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