Big Enough to MATTER… Small Enough to CARE

Brynn Stensrud, executive vice president of CBC National Bank’s Mortgage Divisions, says that when it comes to mortgage transactions, CBC aims to ease their customers’ minds by providing the best possible experience.

“Buying a home is typically the biggest transaction most customers will ever have. It can be very nerve wracking. Because we are a community bank, we focus greatly on customer service. We offer the full range of credit options for the traditional homebuyer,” he says.

What exactly does that superior customer service consist of? A wide variety of lending programs, expert staff and strong relationships within the community housing industry.

CBC offers numerous lending programs like conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loans in addition to traditional mortgages and refinancing existing mortgages. They even offer construction-to-permanent lending and rehabilitation lending, perfect for the buyers looking to purchase a fixer upper.

“That’s a differentiator from most other mortgage companies, and it really goes hand-in-hand with the millennial generation. Housing prices being what they are, these folks may have to buy and repair rather than go out and buy brand-new,” Stensrud says. “We will not only facilitate the purchase and the repairs but also the rehabilitation they want to do.”

As with any banking experience, staff can make or break the experience. At CBC, customers are in very capable hands. Their mortgage specialists are skilled and responsive, ready to provide expert guidance and competitive rates. Unlike some larger banks, CBC has centralized underwriting. That means the whole team is located in one facility, so decisions can be made rapidly without having to reach out to multiple people, multiple places.

“We have a dedicated team of loan originators who are available either online or by phone. Our customers typically initiate a transaction via online application, and we follow that up with a personal interview, and that really allows the customers to ask the personal questions about documentation, price, rate and timeframe,” Stensrud explains. “Our average tenure for a mortgage underwriter is 15 years, so that gives them the expertise and knowledge to understand how to deal with the unique situations many customers face, especially in a tighter credit market.”

An additional advantage of community banking is, naturally, ties to other relevant area professionals. When it comes to mortgages, buyers can rest easy knowing CBC National Bank boasts strong relationships with those in the housing industry of Ocala.

“We have relationships with local builders and Realtors throughout our service areas, and with those relationships comes the understanding that we have to underwrite in a timely manner and always close on time. We will develop priorities around those relationships to make sure we meet the timeframes demanded by both of those groups. You’re only as good as your last closing, so you have to meet your timeframes,” says Stensrud.

Want to learn more about your mortgage opportunities with CBC National Bank? Customers can apply online at

CBC National Bank ›910 SW 1st Ave, Ocala › (352) 236-6529 ›





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