Big Hammock 3.0

The Big Hammock Race Series Season 3 launches on June 6, which is National Running Day.

Lace up your running shoes for the Big Hammock Race Series Season 3. 

Co-founded by Ocala runners Karen Donnelly and Tina Banner, the BHRS is a year-round North and Central Florida run/walk fitness challenge. The BHRS is an all ages and skill level walk/run program, with finishing each race the only requirement. PassHolders in the 10-race series accumulate points toward medals and season-ending honors. 

“The theme of this BHRS season is self-empowerment, finding your inner ‘toughie’ and setting new goals,” says Donnelly. 

Banner adds, “The BHRS generates a great community camaraderie and excitement for being healthier.”

Joining the BHRS is Stephanie “Pezz” Pezzullo, an Olympic qualifier, running and triathlon coach who will be the official Season 3 coach.

The fun kicks off on Wednesday, June 6, in the Paddock Mall Center Court from 6-8pm with the official launch of the BHRS Season 3. Free to the public, the event will offer a first look at the 10-race series, medals and the initial purchase of a Season 3 Pass. Those in attendance will receive a race bib to either do a 1-mile walk inside the mall or run outside with Coach Pezz up to 3.1 miles. There will be refreshments, as well as prizes for both the walk/run events.

“Those interested will be able to purchase a Season 3 Pass for $30,” says Donnelly. “Those who purchase a season Pass will receive an official BHRS Season 3 T-shirt, a lightweight, lime green reflective race jacket and a Wild Card that can be redeemed one time toward earning a Super Medal, Lucky Charm Challenge Medal or Perfect 10 Glass. Season PassHolders will also receive an invite to join Coach Pezz for a Saturday run meetup, as well as to the Season Wrap-Up Party, presented by CenterState Bank.”

The Season 3 series officially starts with the RockStar Virtual 5K, presented by iDeploy, a self-reported race from July 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019. 

Banner notes, “You can complete the 3.1 miles on your own and at your own pace, all at once or part of the distance at a time. When you complete it, you earn 10 extra points and a Wild Card.”

Season 3 offers the Super Race Challege medal, presented by Paddock Mall, (complete all four Super races); Lucky Charm Challenge medal, presented by Plaid Frog, (complete two Lucky Charm Challenge races); and a Perfect 10 Challenge Glass, presented by Sheltering Hands (complete all 10 series races). All BHRS events have a charitable cause component.

Big Hammock Race Series Season 3 Race Lineup

Race #1


Super RockStar Virtual 5K

Race #2


Cornerstone Leads The Way 5K

Race #3


Marion County Halloween 5K/10K

Race #4


Sangria Dash 5K

Race #5


Season of Hope 5K/15K

Race #6


Running with the Herd 5K

Race #7


Five Points of Life 5K

 1/2 Marathon & Marathon

Race #8


St. Paddy’s Day 5K

Race #9


Run for the Springs 5K

Race #10


PACE Derby Run 5K/10K

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