Business World: A Love Of Landscaping

With Steve Bryan on the job, lawns become a veritable work of art.
Steve Bryan has an eye for detail and a knack for customer service. After working in the corporate world for many years, he decided the time was right to head out on his own. Steve started Steve Bryan Landscaping Services as a part-time venture more than 15 years ago. Today, the company boasts seven employees and nearly a million dollars in sales.

“I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and working with people,” Steve says. “This was a great way to combine those two elements.”

As the president of Steve Bryan Landscaping Services, Steve is very hands-on and gets personally involved in each project. He makes it a point to meet with clients to determine their individual needs and wants, and even hand-picks the plants and trees himself from reputable local nurseries.

“I’m more than happy to go to a client’s house to brainstorm ideas, show them plant samples that would work for their area, and discuss options,” he says. “My ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction.”

Dr. Christopher and Mara Walker used Steve Bryan Landscaping Services to design and implement the landscaping and irrigation systems for their newly built 8,000-square-foot home in Keene’s Point.

“A friend that lives in the neighborhood recommended Steve and I knew we would go with him when she said, ‘He’s the nicest guy you ever want to meet,’” Mara says. “She was right. When we met Steve, we immediately clicked. It felt like we knew him for a long time. He’s passionate about what he does and about making his clients happy.”

The Walkers had a vision of what they wanted their landscaping to look like and Steve turned that vision into a reality.

“We wanted a lot of color, but in a European style that was easy to maintain,” Mara says. “We wanted something unique that would give us surprises throughout the year. My husband also loves bougainvilleas, and Steve did a wonderful and creative job incorporating them into our landscaping.

“Our design plan was very involved and required approval from the homeowner’s association,” Mara continues. “Steve was very professional and passed with flying colors.”

Once the process began, Mara says Steve and his friendly staff were done quickly and efficiently.

“My goal is to help the client visualize the final design and layout,” Steve says, “and then see to it that that vision is fulfilled in a satisfying and timely manner.”

“Steve more than exceeded our expectations,” Mara says. “As a matter of fact, we’ve retained his services and he now maintains our yard. We also readily recommend him to friends.” 

Steve Bryan Landscaping Services
(407) 721-9952

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