Calling All Campers

Fun On The Farm

Camp Caballo For Kids

June 6-10, 13-17; 9am-2pm

Marion Therapeutic Riding Association will host Camp Caballo For Kids, an equestrian day camp for kids ages 7 to 14. or (352) 732-7300


Dreamcatcher Camp

June 27-July 1; 9am-1pm

This camp by the Marion Therapeutic Riding Association is for kids ages 8 to 14 and is for more experienced horse-crazy kids. or (352) 732-7300


Uncle Donald’s Farm

July 6-August 3, Wednesdays only; 9:45am-3pm

Kids ages 6 through 12 can milk a goat, check for chicken’s eggs or pet, groom and feed farm animals at this camp, located in Lady Lake. or (352) 753-2882


Owl Hollow Farm

Weekly and monthly sessions in June, July and August

Children of all ages are welcome to learn horse riding, grooming and first aid care and go swimming afterward. or (352) 237-4132


TKO Farm Summer Camp

Dates throughout June, July and August; 8am-1pm

This camp offers instruction in arena/trail riding taught by handlers and instructors for campers 4 years of age and older. or (352) 219-0248


Eden Farm

Dates throughout June and July; 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-12pm Friday

Children ages 5 through 14 can learn all aspects of horsemanship, from riding and cleaning stalls to grooming and safety. or (352) 572-7658


SilverStride Equestrian Center

Dates throughout the summer

At SilverStride, you’ll be involved with everything horse, including riding, playing games and some relay races. or (352) 591-3042


Havensight Farm

May 30-June 2; June 7-9, 14-16, 20-24; July 5-8, 19-22, 25-28; 9am-4pm

Kids can learn about all aspects of horsemanship at this farm located in Summerfield. or (352) 245-0979


Harley Farms

June 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 11-15, 18-22; 9am-2pm

With horseback riding, games, arts, crafts and more, kids will enjoy a summer camp full of equestrian fun. or (352) 812-3811


Grey Dawn Stables

June 1-3, 6-10, 13-16, 20-24, 27-30; July 11-15, 18-21, 25-29; August 1-5; 9am-3pm

This camp is for both the older kids and the young buckaroos and includes horsemanship skills, trail rides, proper tacking, grooming, horseback riding and crafts. or (352) 427-9721


Creative Corner


Movie Making Madness

St. John Lutheran School

June 20-23; 9am-12pm

Kids who will be in grades 3 through 8 will create a movie from scratch, including planning, filming and editing. or (352) 622-7275


Summer Art Camp

June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24; July 11-15, 18-22, 25-29

Children ages 4 and up can join the Appleton Museum for an array of art-themed camps. or (352) 291-4455


Ocala Civic Theatre

June 6-August 12

Children ages 4 and up will learn themes of music, dance, drama, magic and much more at one of these fun summer camps. Apprentice-level, intermediate-level and specialty classes are available in a variety of themes in addition to the following performance camps. or (352) 236-2274


Ocala Civic Theatre Performance Camps

Dr. Coppelius’ Carnival

June 13-18; ages 6-18

No audition or experience necessary.


Starfish Circus

Lottery: May 9-13

Classes & performances: June 20-25; ages 7-18


The Grunch

Auditions: June 11

Classes & performances: July 11-23



Design & Production Class

July 11-15

This class will create the set, props and costumes for The Grunch and will be held at the Appleton Museum. See their catalog for details.


Artist Hub of Ocala

June 20-24; July 12-15, 19-22; times vary

The Artist Hub of Ocala at Brick City Center for the Arts will host a variety of camps for children in kindergarten through ninth grade. (352) 867-9660 or


Picasso’s Palette

June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 5-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29

Children ages 5 and up can experience the world through art with a different country and different art projects each week. Morning, afternoon and all-day sessions available. or (352) 789-6670


Kinderoo Children’s Academy

Throughout the summer

Kids ages 4 through 9 will explore, observe, create, build and problem solve using STEAM. or (352) 854-3800


Alphabet Land Learning Center

Dates and times TBA

Children ages 1 through 12 can join Alphabet Land in new weekly themes with water days and twice-weekly field trips. or (352) 307-2067


Building Blocks of Ocala

May 30 through August 5; 6am-6pm

This summer program for children in kindergarten through age 12 is chock-full of field trips, martial arts, cheerleading, cooking projects and art. or (352) 694-7440 ext. 3501


Camp Invention

June 13-17; 8:30am-3pm

Held at Grace Christian School, this camp will inspire girls and boys entering grades second through sixth through science and technology. or (800) 968-4332


Counts Early Learning Academy Summer Camp

Runs entire summer (except weekends); 7am-6pm

For children up to 12 years of age, Counts offers on-site arts and crafts, outdoor play, hands-on reading, writing, math and science activities and more. or (352) 351-4738


Ocala Summer Music Camp

June 6-10; 9am-4:30pm

Hosted by Trinity Catholic High School, this camp will help improve musical skills for any middle or high school student involved with band, choir or color guard. or


Sportin’ Around


Baseball Camp at College of Central Florida (Marty Smith Sports Camp)

June 13-16; July 18-21; 9:30am-4pm

Children ages 6 through 12 will learn position fundamentals, offense, defense, hitting and base running all with daily awards. or (352) 854-2322


Softball Camp at College of Central Florida (Marty Smith Sports Camp)

May 30-June 3; June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24

CF is offering a variety of softball camps for children in middle and high school. or (352) 854-2322


Volleyball Camp at College of Central Florida (Marty Smith Sports Camp)

June 28-July 1; July 12-15; 9am-12pm

Children ages 6 through 12 will learn techniques such as arm swings and advanced ball control. or (352) 854-2322


Camp Patriot Basketball Camp at College of Central Florida

June 13-16, 20-23; July 5-8, 18-21; 9am-4pm

Boys and girls ages 8 through 18 can learn basketball skills and drills. or (352) 427-7435


Ocala Power United

Location, dates and times vary

Ocala Power United will offer volleyball summer camps for children in grades eight and under and a separate program for high school students. or (352) 351-4837


Forest High School Football Camp

June 6-8; 9am-1pm

Children entering second through eighth grade can learn the fundamentals of football, make new friends and have a lot of fun. or (352) 671-4717 or



St. John Lutheran School Basketball Camp

June 6-10; 8am-12pm

Third- through ninth-grade students from all schools can learn basketball skills and have the chance to win awards. or (352) 622-7275


St. John Lutheran Volleyball Camp

July 11-13; 8:30am-12:30pm (1-6 grade); 2-6pm (7-12 grade)

Improve skills, learn new skills and meet others who love the sport of volleyball. or (352) 622-7275


St. John Lutheran Mini Cheer Clinic

August 3-5

This clinic will teach cheer skills to entering first- through fifth-graders. or (352) 622-7275


St. John Lutheran Baseball Camp

June 13-16

This USBA camp is geared toward children entering first through 12th grades. or (352) 622-7275


Ocala Christian Academy Girl’s Basketball Camp

May 23-27

Open to girls entering fifth through ninth grades. or (352) 694-4178


Ocala Christian Academy Football Camp

June 2-4

Open to boys and girls entering grades three through eight. or (352) 694-4178


Ocala Christian Academy Boy’s Basketball Camp

June 6-10

Open to boys entering grades six through 12. or (352) 694-4178


Ocala Tennis & Swim Camp

Week-long sessions between May 30-July 29; 9am-1pm

Campers age 6 through 12 will join Jason Weiss, a professional tennis instructor, to learn the basics of tennis. or (352) 629-8453


En Garde Fencing Club Camp

June 13-17; July 18-22; August 1-5; 8am-4pm

Learn to fence from a former Ivy League champion and assistant coaches from the University of Florida. Camp is open to boys and girls ages 8 through 14. or (352) 286-9608


Trinity Catholic High School Football Camp

July 11-13; 9:15am-12pm

Learn the fundamentals, skills and drills of football at this three-day summer camp. or (352) 622-9025


Future Stars Basketball Program

Dates and times vary

Learn basic skills and fundamentals, sportsmanship and team work Monday through Thursday at the E.D. Croskey Recreation Center. (352) 401-3920


First Tee of Greater Ocala

Starting June 6

Kids 5 years and older can learn the game of golf. Dates and times vary depending on age and level. or (352) 362-2258


Frank Deluca YMCA Sports Camps

The YMCA will offer a variety of sports camps open to children entering second grade through eighth grade. Each camp runs 8am to 1pm. or (352) 368-9622



June 6-10



June 13-17



June 27-July 1



July 11-15



July 18-22


Outdoor Outings

Discovery Center Outdoor Camp

June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 11-15, 18-22; 8:30am-4:30pm

Children ages 11 through 14 will explore a variety of themes, including “Zombie Science,” “The Great Outdoors,” “Pirates” and “Your Environmental Footprint.” or (352) 401-3900


Discovery Center Adventure Camp

May 31-June 3; June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 5-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29; 8:30am-4:30pm

This camp features field trips and outdoor activities for kids ages 8 to 12. Themes include “Back to the Future,” “Super Hero Adventure” and “Master of Disaster.” or (352) 401-3900


Discovery Center Exploration Camp

June 13-17; July 18-22; 8:30am-1:30pm

Kids ages 6 through 7 can participate in this new summer camp based on themes full of fun and hands-on activities. or (352) 401-3900


Wayne’s World of Paintball

June 20-24; July 18-22; 8:30am-5:30pm

Kids ages 10 and up who are looking to have a good time with friends and shoot paintball should definitely check out the Wayne’s World summer camp. or (352) 401-1801


City Kids Summer Camp

May 31-July 29; 7:30am-6pm

Kids ages 5 through 12 (must have completed pre-K) will explore local government in a fun, interactive way at the E.D. Croskey Recreation Center, including going swimming and more. or (352) 368-5517


Perry’s Swim School

Throughout summer

Perry’s Swim School will teach anyone over the age of 6 months how to swim in a heated pool. Dates and times vary. or (352) 732-5540



Throughout summer

SwimAmerica will offer swim lessons on the College of Central Florida campus in Ocala. Morning and evening classes available for children and adults. or (352) 804-5438


Hampton & Jervey Gantt Aquatic FUN Center Swim Lessons

Throughout summer

Children ages 3 and older can learn to swim by certified swim instructors. Call for dates and times. (352) 368-5517


Summer Mini Camp

June 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 5-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29; 9am-2pm

Kids ages 6 through 12 can enjoy fun summer activities such as arts and crafts, outdoor and indoor games, and theme days at the Forest Community Center in Ocklawaha. or (352) 438-2840


Xtreme Kids Summer Camp

May 31-August 9; 6:30am-6pm

Kids ages 6 through 12 will experience a variety of athletic activities, plus field trips and movies, at this camp hosted by Too Your Health Spa. (352) 861-9474



Junior Lifeguard Camp

June 20-24; July 18-22; 8am-12pm

Kids 11 through 15 years old can learn the basics of being a junior lifeguard. Camp is held at the Jervey Gantt Aquatic FUN Center. or (352) 368-5517


Ocala Police Department’s P.A.C.C. Camp

June 13-July 29; 7:30am-5:30pm

Kids ages 6 through 12 can join the Ocala Police Department to learn about safety, D.A.R.E and more. Frequent field trips are included. The camp is also looking for teens ages 15 and up to assist with the program. or (352) 369-7133


Ocala Karate Dojo Summer Camp

May 30-June 3; June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 5-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29; August 1-5, 5-12, 15-19, 22-26; 6:45am-6pm

Kids ages 5 through 12 can train with national and state champions, take an anti-bully class, go on exciting field trips and visit area parks. or (352) 237-9076


Ocala Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

May 31-August 9; 7am-6pm

Kids ages 5 through 13 will learn about martial arts, do arts and crafts, take daily field trips and enjoy pizza parties. or (352) 622-6562



Martial Arts World

Starts June 1; 7am-6pm

In addition to daily martial arts training, this summer camp includes fun, educational field trips, swimming and trips to the movies. or (352) 307-0017


Parks Taekwondo

May 30-June 3; June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 5-8, 18-22, 25-29; August 1-5, 8-12; 9am-5pm

Kids ages 5 through 12 can participate in fun outings and activities as well as martial arts training, ping pong, and arts and crafts classes each day. or (352) 586-5212


Frank Deluca YMCA Summer Camps

June 1-August 12; 6:45am-6pm

Each week offers a different theme, as campers ages 5 through 15 enjoy games, science projects, field trips, singing songs and fitness fun. or (352) 368-9622


Sizzling Summer Camp

May 30-August 15; 7:30am-6pm

Kids ages 5 through 13 will enjoy everything from golf and archery to movies and field trips. Lunch is included. or (352) 368-5517


Ocala Aquatics Adventure Splash Camp

June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 5-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29; August 1-5; 9am-3:30pm

This swim camp for ages 6 through 12 will provide instruction in a number of water activities and water games. or (352) 873-5811


GraceWay Academy Camp

June 13-July 29

Kids ages 2 through second grade will love this fun summer camp! Options include one- through four-day spots. or (352) 629-4523


Grace Christian School’s Camp Hope

July 18-22

Kids in kindergarten through sixth grade can develop skills in sports, teamwork, culture and outdoor pursuits. County and city organizations will stop by to share their knowledge. or (352) 387-3090


Cornerstone Day Camp

June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 11-15, 18-22; 9am-4pm

For children entering kindergarten through 10th grade, this year’s camp brings a different theme each week. or (352) 351-8840


Sonshine Summer Camp

May 30-June 3; June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 5-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29; 8am-5:30pm

Campers ages 5 through 11 will enjoy a week of field trips to the movie theater, museums, zoos, the bowling alley and much more. or (352) 622-7275


Highlands Baptist Learning Center

May 31-August 5; 7am-5:30pm

Children in kindergarten through fifth grade will see movies at the Marion Theatre, swim at Jervey Gantt, go skating and bowling and, on Fridays, enjoy a pizza day. or (352) 694-2194



UF/IFAS Extension Marion County 4H Summer Programs

Marion County 4-H offers day camps for different ages with different adventures throughout the summer. or (352) 671-8404


Master Gardener Marion Sprouts

June 20-24; 8:30am-4:30pm

Kids ages 8 through 14 will learn about the art and science of gardening through soils, garden pests, plant identification and more. (352) 671-8400


Agriscience Sampler

July 18-22; 9am-4pm; Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm, Friday 8:30am-12pm

Campers will dive into subjects such as: cooking, food production, veterinary science, equine science, gardening, agricultural technology, biotechnology and careers in agriculture. Field trips included.


Tech Wizard Camp

July 11-15

Kids will take part in hands-on activities to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


4-H20 Camp

June 6-10; Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm, Friday 8:30am-12pm

Kids between the ages of 8 and 18 will learn about marine science, water quality and protecting our natural resources, all while enjoying outdoor activities.


LIFE (Financial Literacy)

July 5-8; Tuesday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm, Friday 8:30am-12pm

A four-day hands-on financial literacy program designed for intermediate and senior 4-H members to become familiarized with the fundamentals of financial literacy.


Food Science & Safety Training

June 13-17; Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm, Friday 8:30am-12pm

Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm, Friday 8:30am-12pm

Participants will be able to practice their cooking skills while learning about food nutrition and safety. Earn your food handler certificate upon passing course examination.


Firewise Nature Camps

June 6-August 5; 8am-5pm (before/after care available)

For ages 6 through 12, each week at this nature camp, located at Brick City Adventure Park, features a new theme, a field trip and plenty of fun activities. or (352) 671-8560


Kayak/PaddleBoard Mini Camp

June 13-16; July 18-21; 8am-2pm

Children ages 10 through 15 will learn the basic skills of kayaking and stand-up paddling. Camp will include local outings to test their skills. or (352) 671-8560


Archery Camp

June 27-July 1; August 1-5; 9am-12pm

Children ages 9 through 15 can learn about the techniques of archery under safe supervision. or (352) 671-8560


Fish Camp

June 6-10, July 25-29; 8am-5pm

Learn about bank and boat fishing, boating safety, types of tackle, casting tips, knot-tying and more. All campers will receive a rod and reel, tackle box and tackle. or (352) 671-8560


Extreme Adventure Camp

June 20-24; July 5-8; July 11-15; 8am-5pm

This camp for ages 9-15 includes kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing, hiking, ropes challenge, zip lining and tree climbing. or (352) 671-8560

Just Dance (And


Victoria’s School of Dance

Whether you want to introduce your little one to ballet or she wants to dance like a princess, there’s a camp for everyone this summer. or (352) 489-6756


Acrobatics Class

May 10-August 30; ages 3 and up


Baby Ballerina Camps

May 16-25; ages 18-36 months



Dance Intensive

June 13-17; July 11-15; 10am-5pm; ages 10 and up


Celebrity Princess/Royalty Dance Camp

July 18-22; ages 3 and up


The Dance Company of Ocala

Whether you want to dance like you’re a fairy or a ninja, The Dance Company of Ocala can make it happen this summer! or (352) 415-3350


Summer Dance Intensive

July 5-19; 5:30pm-6:30pm; ages 7-10

July 5-19; 5:30pm-8:30pm; ages 11 and up


Fairytale Camp

July 11-15; 9am-12pm; ages 4-9



Ballet and Broadway Camp

July 18-22; 9am-12pm; ages 5-11


Ninja Hip Hop Camp

July 25-29; 9am-12pm; ages 5-10


A variety of evening dance classes throughout July for ages 2 and up


Balcony Gymnastics

June 6-August 9, week-long sessions; 7:30am-5:30pm

Kids ages 5 through 12 will receive an introductory look at gymnastics, karate and dance while also playing games and making crafts. or (352) 401-3663


Mary Ellen School of Dance

No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to dance, there is a little something for everyone this summer at Mary Ellen’s. Times and prices vary. or (352) 732-2030


Dance Camp

Ages: 5-13

June 20-23 July 18-21


Princess Camp

Ages: 3-6

June 13-16


Ballet/Pointe Intensive

Ages: 6-21 years old

July 11-15



Acrobatic Workshop

Ages: 6-21

June 13-16

July 11-14


FOCUS Intensive

Ages: 6-21 years old

July 25-29

Grace’full Gymnastics Camp

June 13-17; July 11-15; 9am-1pm

A camp full of dancing, gymnastics and karate, including snacks and crafts. or (352) 694-3055


Benson Academy of Dance

July 5-22

Join Marion Ballet Theatre’s Summer Dance Intensive to take your dance skills to the next level. Ages 6 and up will meet from 10am-4pm. The Kinder Summer Intensive for ages 4-6 will be 10am-12pm. or (352) 629-6155


Performing Arts Conservatory

At PAC, each genre of performing arts will feature its own camp with a new theme each week. or (352) 237-5678



9am-4pm; ages 5-teen

June 20-24 (Circus)

June 27-July 1 (Star Wars)

July 11-15 (Christmas in July)


9am-12pm; intermediate and advanced dancers

May 31-June 3


9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm; ages 5-9

June 6-9

July 18-21

Weekly Mini Mozart

11-11:45am; ages 2-5

June 21, 28; July 5, 12, 19, 26

Pro Track Intensive

9am-4pm; ages 7-18

July 25-29


Overnight Ordeals


UF/IFAS Extension Marion County 4-H

Marion County 4-H offers camps for different ages with different adventures throughout the summer. or (352) 671-8404


4-H Legislature

June 27-July 1

Teens ages 14 through 18 will develop skills in debating (and put them to use), legislation and public speaking in Tallahassee.


4-H University

July 25-29

Teens ages 14 through 18 will learn about possible career opportunities, work with faculty and discover the University of Florida campus.


Camp Cherry Lake Residential Camp

August 1-5

Youth ages 8-18 can make new friends on scenic Cherry Lake in Madison, Florida. This is the overnight camp designated for 4-Hers from Marion County.


Camp Kiwanis

June 13-17, 20-24; June 27-July 1; July 4-8

Children ages 7 through 13 are invited to this traditional sleepover summer camp, full of safe and fun activities. Camp runs Monday through Friday. or (352) 236-5401


Camp La-No-Che

June 5-11, 12-18, 19-24; June 26-July 2; July 3-9, 10-16, 17-23

Whether with a troop or on your own, boys can take part in this traditional scout camp located in Paisley, south of Ocala. or (352) 669-8558


Camp Shalom

June 12-July 29

Located in Orange Springs on the edge of the Ocala National Forest, Camp Shalom is a Jewish coed overnight camp for kids and teens featuring traditional camp activities such as sports and outdoor recreation. or (352) 546-2223


Camp Kateri

June 12-17, 19-24, June 26-July 1; July 5-8, 10-15, 17-22

Open to all girls in grades first through 12th, each camp session features a different theme, from crafting to celebrations. or (877) 764-5237


Camp Wildwood

June 19-July 30

All girls in grades first through 12th are welcome to attend full- or half-week camps at Camp Wildwood, a Girl Scouts-run overnight camp, offering swimming, nature activities, barn dances and horseback riding. or (813) 281-4475


Florida Fish and Wildlife Camp

June 12-17, 19-24; June 26-July 1, July 10-15, 17-22, 24-29

Florida Fish and Wildlife offers a variety of camps throughout the summer for children ages 9 though 14, featuring different adventures, including fishing, archery, hunting and outdoor awareness. or (352) 625-2804


Editor’s Note: This is not a comprehensive list of summer camps. We made every attempt to research and contact as many camps as possible and to ensure accurate information was included. Dates, times, locations and details are subject to change at the camps’ discretion. Please contact the camp directly for up-to-date information.

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