Candid Canines

On a recent cool afternoon photographer Lisa Crigar set out with camera in hand and doggy treats in pocket (ok, not really) to capture man’s best friend out and about on the streets and in the shops of Lake Sumter Landing in The Villages. With tails wagging, these eager pooches were more than willing to pose for a photo or two. Grab your canine companion and enjoy!


K.C. (left) and Madeline (right), owned by Carla and Randy Congolan, are very talented pups! They entertained the crowd by playing the piano in the movie theater on the Lake Sumter Landing square. Of course they were a hit!

Madeline and K.C. enjoy a tasty sundae complete with dog biscuits at the Tea Plantation at Lake Sumter Landing. The pooches wore their finest tea party dresses for the occasion.

This very talented canine is learning to drive his owner’s (Tom Frauenshuh) golf cart in The Villages (wink, wink). Tom jokes that he’s also teaching Dusty to keep score!

Lisa Owen of Lady Lake poses with her dog Uro while shopping at The Grateful Dog store on Canal Street. Lisa and Uro shop weekly for the latest puppy fashions and accessories. We think Uro goes for the puppy treats, though!

Annie, an energetic Pomeranian, models her black cocktail dress in The Grateful Dog store in Lake Sumter Landing. She’s ready for a night on the town!

Two-year-old Aubree Crandall enjoys visiting her grandparents home in The Villages. Their dog, Sophie, has a playhouse out back where tea parties, complete with snacks and doggie biscuits, are a must when Aubree comes to visit!

Cathy Cleary sits outside The Grateful Dog store in The Villages. Her pooches, McDuff and Chauncey, enjoyed both the beautiful weather and the company.

Isley is a working dog! This freelance painter from Mount Dora proudly displays “Doggy Night,” her own spin on a personal favorite, “Vincent Van Dog.” Isley hopes to one day display her works at Mount Dora’s spring arts festival.

Shautzy, owned by Tom and Anita Frauenshuh, poses for her treat on the dock at Lake Sumter Landing.

D.J., a standard poodle owned by John Gallagher of The Villages, enjoyed the Chili Festival at Lake Sumter Landing. Although the chili was tempting, D.J. was determined to meet new playmates also out enjoying the day with “their people.” We loved her windswept look!

Yogi the Golden Doodle, owned by Val and Paul Carter of The Villages, proudly displays his team pride while enjoying a cool afternoon at the docks of Lake Sumter Landing.


Want More Pooch Pix?

Send your best canine candids to and maybe we’ll soon have more to “bark” about in an upcoming issue.


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