Celebrating 10 Years: Village Dental

Dr. Farrell (left) takes the time to carefully explain the scan results to his patients. The i-CAT CT Scanner (above) provides high-definition, in-office, three-dimensional digital imaging. From left to right: Dr. Michael Hards, D.D.S., Dr. Edward Farrell, D.M.D., Dr. Richard P. Hall II, D.M.D.

Dr. Edward Farrell opened Village Dental in July of 1997 with four employees. Today, Village Dental has grown to include two other dentists, Dr. Richard P. Hall II and Dr. Michael Hards, as well as a staff of 40 dedicated professionals. The original office is located in LaPlaza Grande and the second office opened in spring of 2005 in the Southern Trace Plaza.

Village Dental is known for its state-of-the-art dental technology. Continuing their commitment to excellence in the practice, Village Dental will now offer the Imaging Sciences’ advanced i-CAT 3-D imaging technology to patients. The i-CAT gives the dentists the most complete information on the anatomy of a patient’s mouth, face, and jaw areas, leading to the most accurate treatment. Village Dental will be the first dental practice in central Florida to offer this technology.

“This equipment allows us to diagnose, place and restore implants in one location,” explains Dr. Farrell. These cutting edge technologies create a fast, efficient, and gentle dental experience. “Technology promotes better communication with a patient,” explains Dr. Farrell.

“Most people look in a mirror and never really see what a dentist can point out to them through intraoral cameras and CT-scan technology.”

Another breakthrough in implant technology is the “Teeth-in-an-Hour” program. This procedure can give patients dental implants and new teeth in less than an hour. One of the Village Dental patients that had this procedure performed was Harold Wayne Sawdey. Harold has worn false teeth for 30 years. He wanted the implants because his old teeth were beginning to fit poorly and cause pain.

“My lowers did not stay in; I was constantly readjusting during a meal,” said Harold.

What makes Teeth-In-An-Hour different? A Swedish company, Nobel BioCare™, creates a custom-made guide showing where to drill holes for the implant. This allows the dentist more precise planning for a minimally invasion surgery.

“In the past, the implant process could take months,” said  Dr. Farrell.

“The difference is remarkable, it was great,” said Harold.  “I’ve been very satisfied.”

One of the highlights of Teeth-in-an–Hour is the software program that allows the dentist to place the implants virtually, before the procedure is performed. “Combined with our new CT-scanner, this technology will take implant procedures to a new level at Village Dental,” said Dr. Farrell.

The dentists and staff have always embraced technology to provide the most comprehensive procedures for patients. To maintain the skills to utilize all the technology at Village Dental, the dentists continue to enhance their knowledge with hundreds of hours of continuing education. One of the most prestigious designations is Master Academy of General Dentistry. Village Dental is unsurpassed and proud to offer their patients the experience that comes with having three Masters in one office.

“Our training and technology allows us to offer the best and most comprehensive treatments,” said Dr. Hall.

Looking for a Reason to Smile?

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• Health & Dental History Review

• Blood Pressure Check

• Exam of Head & Neck Muscles

• Oral Soft Tissue Exam & Cancer Screening

• Periodontal (gum) Evaluation

• TMJ Evaluation

• Tooth-by-Tooth exam for Decay, Mobility, Stability & Other Pathology

• Panoramic X-ray Exam of Bone Levels, Root, Jaw, Joint & Sinus Health

• Individual Full-Mouth Digital X-rays

• Smile Evaluation

Dr. Edward Farrell, D.M.D.
Master Academy of General Dentistry,
Associate Fellowship American Academy of
Implant Dentistry

Dr. Richard P. Hall II, D.M.D.
Master Academy of General Dentistry,
Associate Fellowship American Academy of
Implant Dentistry

Dr. Michael Hards, D.D.S.
Master Academy of General Dentistry,
Fellowship International Congress of
Oral Implantologists,
Fellowship American Academy of
Implant Prosthodontics

Village Dental
Because We Care

In The Villages:
US Hwy 441 • 111 LaGrande Blvd • 352.753.7507
• 540 Fieldcrest Dr. • 352.205.7667

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