Cigar & Chill

Roz’s Cigar Emporium offers premium cigars and a comfortable smoking lounge.

Whether you are heading to the Ocala Culinary Festival’s Spirits and Smoke event, planning a gathering in your home, or just want to enjoy some “me” time, the experts at Roz Cigar Emporium can assist you in not only choosing the perfect cigar, but pairing it to complement your preferred beverage as well.

“Premium cigars, though 100 percent tobacco, have essences of other qualities and can pair well with bourbon, whisky or port wine,” says Robert Allan. “For instance, a cigar can have peppery notes like bourbon does, or you can find floral notes in it, so you want to keep a balance.”

With more than 900 premium cigar varieties in their humidor, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for—from full, spicy Nicaraguan cigars that complement a full-bodied scotch or whisky to Maduro-wrapped cigars with their essence of espresso and dark cocoa, to Cameroon-wrapped cigars with their natural sweetness, which pair well with a smoky or spicy liquor.

Not into spirits? Robert enjoys pairing cigars with port wine, and says many cigar varieties also pair well with coffee, like a woody, creamy, nutty Dominican cigar with an after-dinner Irish coffee or café con leche.

Owner Mike Rossignol reminds customers that the main quality of a cigar is its relaxation value.

“When you light a cigar it relaxes you,” he says. “You sit, you relax and you enjoy.” He explains that Roz offers a comfortable lounge where customers are invited to recline on leather sofas, play billiards, and enjoy the social aspect of cigar smoking. “It’s sort of like a large man cave,” he laughs, adding that both men and women are welcome. He says it’s a very social environment where people get “the opportunity to sit and talk just like people used to do.”

Because Roz specializes only in cigars and pipe tobacco, you’ll find the largest selection of premium cigars in town along with a knowledgeable staff that give you the kind of old fashioned customer service that only a family owned and operated shop can offer. Whether you’re an experienced smoker or just getting into cigars, looking for something inexpensive or hard-to-find rare and limited cigars, Mike and Robert are happy to take you on a guided tour of their humidor or sit down for a conversation. Mike says their guiding philosophy is a simple one: “We do one thing and we do it well.”

Roz Cigar Emporium › 352-236-3499 8585 State Road 200, Unit 16

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