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What happens when the career you’ve worked hard to build is in jeopardy because an illness or disease has stripped away your ability to work? For many, the only thought that brings a sliver of solace—between the doctors’ visits and medical treatments—is the reassurance that you will receive help from Social Security Disability (SSD), the long-term disability insurance plan you receive as part of a benefits package from your employer, and the disability policy you purchased for yourself as a back-up plan.  

After decades of service to your company, paying into Social Security and your disability premiums, you have no reason to believe there will be any problems: Your doctor has determined that you are unable to work, even though you’d give anything to return to your job. So why are the denial letters coming in saying, “you are not disabled under the policy” or “you must appeal within 180 days?” 

When Janene Manning found herself in this situation, it was hard for her to wrap her head around the next step. She had been denied by three separate sources of disability coverage–SSD, an employee (ERISA) plan and an individual long-term disability policy. Thirty years in the finance industry had not prepared her for the denial of benefits that she’d already earned and paid for. Janene was used to numbers, formulas and equations that made sense—pay into a policy then claim the benefit when it’s needed. After a kidney transplant, years of chronic renal failure, and doctors’ orders to rest, Janene needed those benefits.

An attorney recommended that Janene call the CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC. The owner of the firm, Claudeth Henry, is one of the few ERISA and Social Security Disability attorneys in Central Florida with a medical background. She has dedicated her practice to helping sick and suffering patients navigate the complicated disability appeal process. Her passion is digging deep to find the root of the denial, tailoring a solution and fighting to make that solution a reality. In Janene’s case, this dedication led to approvals of all three benefits. 

Janene was so impressed that she recommend Claudeth for a seat on the Marion County Kidney Foundation Board, which she accepted. Working with Janene inspired Claudeth to put together a database of resources on medical issues and related assistance, including nonprofit organizations and programs. Input from the community is vital to keeping this list updated. If you or anyone you know would like to be a part of this free database, please email info@cjhenrylaw.com for consideration.”

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